Thursday, October 4, 2018

Flower City Potholder Set

I recently tested the Flower City Potholder set by Radiant Home Studio. The pattern is a set of 3 potholders, with one being an oven mitt. I made the square potholder and the long casserole potholder. I made a goof in the oven mitt (my fault!) and didn't have any more of the same fabrics left, so I will only show you these two.
These two are the easiest to make and go together fairly quickly too.

I used some fabric I had around for a while that I knew would make a nice apron or potholder, but not needing an apron, I hadn't used this fabric. So it was the perfect fabric to use for this set of potholders.

The vegetable fabric was actually the border on both sides of the orange plaid fabric and the other coordinating fabric I had was the purple plaid. So I cut out the vegetable fabric for the pockets of these potholders.

Okay I am not that good at staging a photo, especially when taking these outdoors.

The empty Fiesta bowls look lonely without something yummy to eat in the bowls. A food magazine photographer I am not, lol!!!
Pop over to Radiant Home Studio while this pdf pattern is on sale, if you want to make some quick gifts for the gourmet chef in your life or the simple cook. You can even sew a patchwork version, which Sara includes the instructions for doing the patchwork version as well in the pattern. These could be a great scrap busting project as well. uses cotton batting and a thermal batting as well.
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  1. Nice looking set. I've always had a liking for a double ended oven mitt but could never justify buying the required materials to make one. Maybe someday.

  2. Very cute set, Daryl! This would be a great scrap busting project!! Thanks!

  3. I think you staged really well! These are wonderful.

  4. the fabric you used is perfect. i love this as a set and I've always thought the long potholder with the pocket ends would be very practical; one day i'll try to make one. All your fabric works perfectly together. great job.

  5. What a fun project and great gift idea!

    1. Thank you Kathi. Your comment went to Spam because you are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you. Appreciate the comment.


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  7. The long casserole type potholders are the only ones I seem to be able to use without burning myself. I do like the fabrics you've used. Pinning so I know where to come back to when it's time to make one for myself.


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