Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Spinning Star Quilted Table Topper

My blog friend, Vicki (of Vicki's Crafts and Quilting blog) has been busy making table runners and toppers and other things to sell at some craft shows. When she showed one called the Swirling Star Card Trick on her blog last month, I thought I wanted to try making one. Hers had 4 fabrics and I wanted to use more fabrics and narrower strips (mine has 7 fabrics) and so while I was looking around online I found a similar one. I used mostly scraps from my batik scraps and cut a few other strips. The sewing wasn't hard. I didn't want to have to add binding all around this, so opted to do the pillow/birthing method instead. That wasn't hard to do, but when I turned the whole thing, I did notice my points weren't perfect. Since I couldn't see what I was doing with the batting and backing, I guess I forgot about those points! Learning experience!! Oh well that's how it goes sometimes.

I like how it has an interesting look, but not wild about the Swastika look it creates when they all come together! Hmmm. Well I don't think I will be making any more of these toppers. I prefer to do an applique topper anyhow. But it was a good learning experience and glad I gave it a try. I will leave these kind of toppers to the experts like Vicki! LOL!!!

This is the backing fabric. My friend Tara gave me this fabric I think last year for my birthday.

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  1. I have not seen this version of Card Trick before and I LOVE it.
    xx, Carol

    1. Thank you Carol. You must be a no-reply or have an email that won't go into my inbox, since it posted here, but no email.

  2. Oh yours turned out so awesome!!! You really need to try one with the binding-it isn't that hard to do!! Thanks for the shout out too:) I hope you are getting some awesome balloon pix to share with us soon-hint hint, LOL

  3. I love your table topper and the backing. It turned out great. I actually don't see the Swastika look. I think it's great. then I'm probably blind. LOL

  4. What a cool table topper! love the colors.

  5. This is such a cool topper! My eye was drawn to the center (which looks GREAT!!) and not those pesky points! LOL Great job, Daryl!

  6. i see what you mean about the swastika it reminds me of those tests for colorblindness where you have to find the number in the circles. i do like the colors and it is an interesting pattern, its so colorful that if your points are perfect its not noticeable. i commend you for always being willing to try new things and challenges.


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