Sunday, November 18, 2018

Arabesque Bag in Blues-Turquoise-Green Batik

I love making the #ArabesqueBag (pattern by Sew Sweetness), especially in batik strips. This is a nice sized bag that holds a lot and has a zippered closure. I sold this one at a craft show I did recently. I am having so much fun making these using fabric strips, that I don't know when I might try one in all one fabric.

Side view to show the depth.

The pattern doesn't have any outside pockets, but I know I as well as people who buy bags from me like an exterior pocket for their keys or phone or both, so I decided to start adding a zippered pocket to the back of my Arabesque bags from now on. I sold 3 with the back zippers at the 2 craft shows I did last week, so now I only have one left with no pocket on the back.

The bag opens nice and wide.

Inside is a slip pocket with a pen pocket.

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  1. This purse is so pretty and it is a nice size to hold your things, the squared off bottom gives you plenty of room. i love your added grommets on the outside and the batiks are so pretty. The zippered closure makes you feel safer carrying your purse and i like the "pen pocket" as well. great job and i'm not surprised they are popular at craft shows.

  2. Sweet bag and a perfect size! It was pretty clever to add a zippered outside pocket. I think it makes a big difference! I

  3. It's gorgeous, I can see why it sold right away! That little hand made pull is so cute! I think you are dubbed the bag lady!!


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