Thursday, November 22, 2018

Two Patriotic Bags

Being it is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, I want to wish all my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving today. And since this is an American holiday, (although other countries do celebrate some kind of Thanksgiving as well in other months), I thought this would be a good time to show my latest bags in Patriotic fabrics.

I got a custom order to make this style bag, but in Red-White-Blue fabric, when she saw this style bag at one of the craft shows I sold at last week. Since I was making one bag, I thought why not make 2, making each a bit different. On one of the bags I sewed together strips of various fabrics of reds, white, and blues. On the other bag, I used a blue fabric with white stars. I thought I would let her choose the one she liked best and then I would have the other one to sell. She like the blue with the stars best. I will be giving this bag to her on Friday.

The bag is the large Retreat Bag by (Emmaline Bags) with so many modifications, that it is more of my own design now, other than the basic shape. My changes are: I added a zippered pocket inside, pockets on the front and the back, strap tabs, handles, a tab closure with a magnetic snap instead of a zipper closure, extra padding in the bottom of the bag and rivets. Plus I quilted it and the outside pockets too.

Here are the two Patriotic Bags~

This first one is the bag with the sewn together strips of course. The strip of fabric in the center of the pocket is the Pledge of Allegiance words. The lining of the those pockets is the same Pledge of Allegiance fabric, but you cannot see that. (Note: this bag I Donated to raise funds for Alzheimer's Disease in 2022).

The back of the bag.

The bottom of the bag with extra padding.

This bag opens wide with the internal frame to keep it open.

Slip pocket with a pen pocket on the left.

Pretty bottom, lol!!

On this bag, I had just enough of the star fabric for the body of the bag and just enough of the text fabric for the pockets, so that worked out nicely!
This was the bag that was purchased  by the woman who wanted it made.

The back of the bag.

The padded bottom...don't we all need a padded bottom? LOL!!!

Opens nice and wide of course.

The slip pocket with the on pocket on the left.

Pretty padded bottom.

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  1. great job as always, i too like the stars one better. There are so many great details in this bag. i think the strips draw your eye in first bag because their so contrasting in color that you focus on that and you might miss the wonderful curve of the bag, the nice closure and the sweet contrast of the pocket. they are both really well done and i love the way they open so wide so you can really see what you have in your purse. great job as always.

  2. VPBs, Daryl! (Very Pretty Bags, that is.) I like the first one best. Not being American, the text would not have as much significance to me but the blue, white and red combo is representative of my favourite sports team from my youth. Very useful customizations that you'd made to this pattern, also.

  3. Wow you really personalized those bags. Thanks for showing it all the way open.

  4. Daryl, these bags are awesome! My daughter is a bag lady, and once I’ve sewn up a bag pattern for her, she uses it and comes back to me with all the changes she’d like, so I make another with all her personal adaptations. It’s so much fun to adapt new ideas to bags. I love making bags, but not enough to make enough to sell them! I admire you. Plus, I like all the hardware you incorporate.


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