Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tech Organizer Pouch & Cord Wrap

This is the Tech Organizer Pouch with bonus Cord Wrap that I tested for Around the Bobbin. It is a fun and easy sew and so useful for keeping your cords for tablets, phones, etc. You could use this pouch for other things non techy too.

Since this was a test bag, I followed the instructions and must not have been thinking during one step, because the instructions weren't written for stitching a dividing line for the pockets and I wasn't looking at the photo that closely from the beginning, so my pouch has a large pocket instead of a divided n to pocket. but another tester questioned this, and of course I had already finished my pouch and couldn't go back and correct this mistake. So I sewed a little button at the top to keep the mesh pocket from being too loose at the top and it will keep the items placed inside better in place. This is the reason for several pattern testers. Well the instructions and diagram for sewing the pocket division is in the pattern instructions now, lol!

The little cord wrap is quick and easy to make and uses a tiny magnetic snap that is so cute! Great way to use up a few scraps of fabric and have it match your Tech Organizer too.

I sewed the little button in place of diving the pocket (as I mentioned the instructions were missing for this, but of course they are there now).

Two mesh pockets inside as well.

The instructions were corrected to include sewing a diving line on the pockets.

The cord wrap keeps the power cord neatly together.

For a small pouch there are a lot of pockets for organizing your items. You can make fabric pockets instead of using the mesh, but the mesh helps you to see what is inside the pocket.
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