Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Allure Bag with Zippered Closure in Sunflower Print & Uncorked Fabric

I have made several Allure Bags (reduced in size), but I had wanted to try making one with a zippered closure instead of a flap with a snap closure. I had thought about this for some time and then gave it a try.

I used a cotton fabric that looks like cork along with a pretty sunflower fabric. I made a faux looking flap on the front. I think the real flap on The Allure bags does indeed look the best, however for someone who wants a zippered closure this is a good alternative.

With a flap you flip it up and can really see and get into the bag better than the zipper closure, but the zipper closure does keep things secured inside better. I know some women will only use a zippered closure bag and others like flaps or snap closures without flaps, so this is why there are so many styles out there because we all have our own preferences in closures and size and styles of bags.

Faux flap on the front of the bag.

This is the back of the bag.

Purse feet on the bottom to help keep it clean.

Phone pocket is located on the top of back exterior.

Inside is a slip pocket with a pen pocket.

Plus a zippered pocket across from the slip pocket.

Handmade charm for the zipper pull.

Recessed zipper to close the bag.
This bag hopefully will get sold this weekend at the craft show I am selling at. If not it will be going to the November craft show.
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  1. Yep, I'm one of those who normally dislikes a flap. However, some are integral to the overall bag design and I make my concessions in those cases. You've done a good job at transforming this one for those who prefer a zipper. Good luck at your sale!

  2. I'm a zipper girl myself...ever since I dropped my purse at the Atlanta airport and everything rolled under a cab! Ugggh, never again! LOL!!!! This is a perfect addition for sure. If I was still in NM, I would have loved to come visit you at the show.

  3. i love the fabrics together they really compliment each other. i hope the sale goes well your purses are wonderful. love the zipper closure keeps everything nice and secure.

  4. Hope your show went well! Curious as to how long it takes you to make a bag?


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