Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #66-69 for 2021 (80 total purses made since 12/2020)

I finally found some time to make another 6 more purses for Sew Powerful. The flaps started out as some quilt blocks I had made years ago. I added fabric strips them and some buttons and some I quilted the flaps.

The goal for 2021 from Sew Powerful is to send 24,000 purses to the girls in Zambia. I hope I can make many more to send by November to help out. I have sent a 3 boxes of purses this year already. I have other purses made that wasn't enough to fit into a large box, so when I have made enough to fit into a box I will mail off more purses. I already have made up over 100 kits, so all I need to do is sew, which is quicker than all the cutting and fusing of interfacing.

Here is a closer look at one purse. The little teal colored word I sewed to the bag on the lower left of the flap says superstar.

Under the flap I added this fabric circle and the label. Since the lining flap was a plain muslin, I wanted to add a pop of color there.

I quilted this flap.

This was some sort of home decorator fabric that was given to me some years ago. I have made a couple of other style bags using this fabric before. This is the last I had left of it. I think the print is pretty and I really like the lime and gray together.

I like the butterfly button and the little round buttons on this flap. It just adds a little extra bling.

This purse I used a variety of fabrics I had to construct the purse.

Here are 2 more.

This flap is quilted and that bird button is so sweet perched on the side.

The name of this quilt block is called the Friendship Star. I set the block on point and then added strips to the top and bottom sides to make it large enough.

I'm so glad to be making more of these purses. Making the flaps is my favorite part too!
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  1. Those are sew pretty!! Love how the buttons added such a nice touch, especially the Handmade ones!!

  2. Great job Daryl, they all came out awesome!

  3. I can't believe you are still making these!! How wonderful and think of all the smiles you will get from these girls receiving the purses.

  4. I love them! I was thinking of making some like this for them as well. Love you tags..where did you find them.

    1. Angelia you are a no-reply which means I cannot email you directly to answer your question. If you want a direct reply then email me or use the contact form, both located on the right side of my blog. I don't recall the place I ordered the labels off the top of my head.

  5. you are a creative machine, each one is so special. just think about how many lives you've touched with beauty.


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