Wednesday, August 11, 2021

2 Water Bottle Slings in Dr. Who Exploding Tardis Fabric & Travel Fabric

These 2 water bottle slings were a custom order for a woman and her son. Her son is a world traveler and by accident I found out the family likes Dr. Who. I emailed her some photos of fabrics I had. She liked blue, so I showed her some blue fabrics I had. I had the travel fabric, but I also thought perhaps a time travel (Dr. Who in the Exploding Tardis) would also be of interest as well. That's when she said they all like watching Dr. Who, so she chose these 2 fabrics and the son preferred the travel fabric. So glad I had some fabric choices that worked well for them.

The front zip pocket placement was just perfect for the Tardis.

Inside the zip pocket is a pen pocket and a couple of slip pockets, plus space in the middle can hold things too like a rings of keys. A passport, phone can easily fit in the slip pockets. 

I make matching little wallets to slip in one of the pockets too.

Inside the little wallet you can hold a few cards and cash folded in the back larger pocket.

This waterproof canvas fabric lining shade of blue picked up the lighter blue in the Tardis fabric just right.

I also include a shoulder pad for these bags. It's removable in case you don't want to use it or you need to use it on another bag.

The back of the bag is where it is seamed together. The seam is against your body so it really never shows.

This is the bag for her son in a travel print.

There are postage stamps from around the world and a camera
and various countries and famous buildings shown.
I just happened to have a great charm for the zipper. (I guess it was in the shadows and didn't photograph shiny).

Inside the zip pocket this one also has a pen pocket and 2 slip pockets.

Matching little wallet.

Room for cards and cash that is folded in the back deeper pocket.

I chose a gray waterproof canvas for the lining.

Here is the back seam. Again, the seam would be worn against the body so it won't show.

Shoulder pad that can be removed.

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  1. These are just such neat bottle holders! What pattern do you use for these?

  2. Very handy, and beautiful too! I bought the snaps you use and recommended but haven't been able to attach them securely to more than one layer of fabric at a time. I will keep trying because obviously you use them through multiple layers.

  3. So cute and you find the cutest embellishments for your bags!


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