Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Scooter Pouch

I recently tested this Scooter Pouch pattern for All Sew Petite. This was the first time testing for Monika and I enjoyed making this bag and her instructions were excellent. Plus, Monika makes a video tutorial on her YouTube channel too. The video wasn't made when I was testing this pattern, but I have watched some of her other videos and they are extremely well done.

For a limited time only, this Scooter pdf pattern is on sale at her Etsy Shop and on her website and no coupon is needed.

As more people are using scooters, electric scooters and bicycles, this Scooter Pouch will come in so handy for carrying your phone, keys, and more. You can even attach the bag to a walker, a wheelchair or a stroller too. You could even use this bag to store other items like tools and it could make a great lunch bag as well.

The pouch opens with a top zipper and features a zipper pocket on the front, which is a perfect place to store your phone. Velcro straps on the back of the pouch allow you to attach to the scooter, bike, walker, etc. The top Velcro strap can be attached to the handle bar, or other place depending on how you use this pouch. It's so easy to strap this pouch on and off your scooter or other mode of transportation.

Wednesday, Monika will share the other testers Scooter Pouches. So pop over to her website tomorrow for a look at their versions in case you get inspired by the fabric they chose. Her blog post is here.

I didn't have a scooter, a bicycle or anything else to show how this pouch attaches , so you can see that on the Sew All Petite website. 

I had this appliqué of a Scooter Girl for years. I loved it and always wanted to make it, but it was way too large an appliqué for this pouch, so I reduced it and made it for the front of the pouch. Even though the pieces were smaller and some really tiny, I love how it came out. So here is my version of the Scooter Pouch, with a Scooter Girl on a motorized scooter.

The pouch measures 6 1/4" high x 9 3/4" wide x 3 " deep (the height and width measurement depend on how you are holding the bag).

I love this Scooter Girl appliqué.

The back of the pouch has Velcro straps.

Inside the pouch I used a hand dyed fabric that I dyed years ago. As you can see the pouch opens wide and is quite roomy.

I used scraps of batik fabric for the appliqué and the background fabric.

View from the side.

The zipper side view.

I always make a beaded zipper pull with a charm for the zippers.

The back fabric is also a batik fabric with a bit of texture to it.

The only thing I could use to show how the pouch attaches was my daughters umbrella pole on her outdoor table. You get the idea of how it would attach to a scooter, bike, etc. The top Velcro strap would attach to a handlebar.

So that's my version of the Scooter Pouch. The only thing I did differently on this was to make the scooter girl appliqué for the front of the pouch.

Pop over to All Sew Petite's website or Etsy shop if you want to make your own version of this pouch. Or you can contact me if you want a custom made pouch.
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  1. Well this is certainly something different when it comes to a sewing project. Way to go Monika for coming up with the design. (By the way, your links to her website come back to your blog.) Your addition of the "scooter girl" makes this bag one of a kind, for sure. Nice work!

  2. That is so cute!! Love the applique and what a great idea for a scooter or bike! You could even attach to the arm of a wheel chair, maybe?!

  3. WOW, the pouch itself is roomie and lovely. Its very practical and looks great but I have to say your applique steals the show. It is beyond adorable I just love looking at it. Great color choices and its the perfect picture to have on this bag.
    amazing job

  4. This is a pretty cute design on a very functional bag. It sure looks like a good idea. And your sewing of bags is always exceptional quality work.

  5. This bag is very well done but the best part is the applique, she reminds me of you!


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