Thursday, August 26, 2021

Smelly Cat Hip/Waist/Fanny/Sling Bag

I made this Smelly Cat  waist bag, hip bag, fanny pack bag, sling bag or whatever the preferred term is for this style of bag, which is a pdf pattern by Sincerely Jen. The bag features a front envelope style pocket with a flap. Inside the front pocket there are 3 cards slots. The flap on the pocket closes with a magnetic snap. Above the front pocket is a zipper that opens to the inside of the bag. Inside is a zippered pocket and the main space has room to hold a few items. The waist strap is adjustable. The bag measures 16" wide x 6" high.

The bag can be worn around the waist, hips or as a sling over your should or across your body too. These kind of bags are great when you only need to take a few items with you. Great for hiking, walking, or when you wants your hands free. 

(This bag has Sold).

I added those plastic clips and adjuster rather than metal hooks because they are easier to use for this kind of bag. I also used nylon webbing for the strap.

Inside the main compartment. Zipper pocket inside too.

Front pocket with a magnetic snap closure.

3 Card slots in the front pocket, plus extra room in front.

You can wear this also as a sling or cross body bag.

And here are some Angelita Daisies in my garden. 

They are small flowers, but these daisies love the heat and are always blooming.

*FYI: All of Sincerely Jen's patterns are name after something that occurred on the old TV show Friends. Smelly Cat , was a song the character Phoebe sang. See video below.

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  1. You got my attention with ‘Smelly Cat’ but I didn’t find why it was called that. It looks like a great functional bag though.

  2. I'm a huge fan of these kinds of packs, they are so useful. this one is great, love the storage and adjustable waistband. great job as always

  3. Very cute and functional!! I used to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags, but more and more I love small bags. Just hate to lug around a lot of stuff I don't need! LOL

  4. I remember these being called fanny packs, another friend of mine use to only use these. Your smelly cat came out really nice and I am sure it will be sold quickly.


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