Friday, December 8, 2017

Good-to-Go-Messenger Bags Large & Small

I made a large messenger bag using the Good-to-Go-Messenger Bag by Andrie Designs, formally known as 2 Pretty Poppets, which is a free pattern and includes a large and small version. On a Facebook group I belong to someone asked us to make backpacks for some children who were removed from their homes for safety reasons. I asked if messengers bags were okay too and was told yes. The children ranged from 1 to 18 years old. I got a 14 year old boy. So I knew I wanted to use a pair of blue jeans that I had to make the bag and I had a small amount of this cute cowboys on a fence print that made the perfect flap and I used a small piece of it for a slip pocket inside too.

This is the large messenger bag.

I cut the pockets off the back of the jeans and appliqued them to the back of the bag.

A plaid lining just seemed perfect for this bag. I added a zippered pocket too.

I used the cowboys for the slip pocket and added a couple of pen pockets.

This is the small messenger bag I made after making the large one. 

A Hawaiian print for the flap, strap and strap tabs.

This small size is a nice purse size bag.

The green stripe fabric is a home decor weight fabric that I had a small amount of, so used it for the bag exterior and I added a back pocket to the bag with the Hawaiian print accent and pocket lining.

I added a zippered pocket as well as a slip pocket inside and used the same Hawaiian print fabric. That made it nice not to have to change thread colors!
I am making another small bag with this same Hawaiian print fabric because I goofed and added the exterior magnetic snap to the lining fabric instead of the exterior fabric! So I had to cut out more fabric and do it right for this bag, so since I already had the snap installed on the Hawaiian print fabric and had enough fabric to make another bag, I will; only the next one will be all Hawaiian print with a red print flap and different lining. So stay tuned for that one.

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  1. my favorite bags to use has always been a messenger bag, I find them comfortable to use and safe. these examples are wonderful. you used the cowboy fabric PERFECTLY!! The people that get these will love them and what a wonderful act of kindness for you to make these for strangers. I personally like the large size. The use of the jeans pockets is genius and perfectly reattached. Great job.

  2. Ooh, you got some spam... :-P Love that Hawaiian fabric. Was that something you purchased or had handed down to you? Also noticed your new (faux leather?) labels... nifty!

  3. What a great bag for a young man. xx

  4. Very cool bags! Love those jean pockets on the back!

  5. That's a great bag - I marched my butt over to the designer's website and grabbed the pattern - she does some lovely goodies - Mini Shades (and her big sister) are quite adorable :)

  6. Just perfect! Thanks for sharing as part of Elm Street Quilts Bag It.

  7. Two great bags, Daryl. Love the Hawaiian print, but I equally love the denim pockets on the other bag.


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