Sunday, December 3, 2017

Arabesque Bag Reduced in Size

I made my first Arabesque Bag and loved how it turned out using scrappy strips set vertically. Then I thought this would be a cute bag if I reduced the size of the bag for women who don't like a large bag. I also used scraps set vertically. Both the original size and this smaller sized one sold at a small craft show I did in November. So I knew this was a good bag to make again in both sizes.

This time I dug through my batik scraps and made the smaller version, which is at I think 75%? I forgot to write it down, but have since made another one at 80%. I quilted in variegated thread in a wavy horizontal pattern. The nice thing about this bag is there really isn't a lot of hardware involved. You could add rivets and such if you wanted to, but it only needs a closing zipper. Inside I did add one slip pocket and one zippered pocket, even though the pattern calls for 2 slip pockets only. I like to turn my bag through the zippered pocket, so that is why I added a zippered pocket inside. No pockets outside, although it wouldn't be hard to add a zippered or slip pocket if it was needed.

This is a basic looking bag and easy to sew and a great scrap buster. I think the patchwork strips add character to the bag. I may try making another Arabesque in one fabric and add some exterior pockets and see how that changes the look of the bag. I might also try changing this into a cross body bag with an adjustable strap, instead of 2 straps.

I used all batik scraps for this smaller Arabesque. 

Back of bag.

Other side of bag.

Interior is a good size.

Slip pocket and zippered pocket across from it.

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  1. nice job and I agree the strips are fun especially in batik. the boxy corners makes the bottom nice and roomie. fun and very useful, great job.

  2. So pretty :) I've been watching for the smaller sized Arabesque since you posted the larger one (the batik one) a few days ago :D I like them both! A friend gave me a collection of summery scraps a while ago - when I saw the large Arabesque I thought that they might work well for the bag. I dug them out, zigzagged and washed them, and now they're hanging over a chair in my sewing dungeon, ready to be stitched :D I have approximately 3.2 million zippers down there, so I'm sure I can find something to work ;) First, though ... Christmas sewing! Here it is 3 weeks to Christmas and I'm pretty much just starting it - I can never make final decisions until the last minute, but it gets easier at this time, LOL. Today I made a wallet to send to a great nephew (it'll have $$ in it) - tonight while I'm tossing and turning trying to fall asleep, I'll decide what to work on tomorrow :D I bought a pattern tonight for a paper pieced Rudolph block - I'm hoping to make several gift bags featuring the red nosed one :D

  3. I'm always so impressed when people can make really useful and beautiful things with their quilting like your bag. It is a beauty.


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