Sunday, June 3, 2018

Contain Yourself Fabric Bins

I enjoyed testing these fabric bins for Annie (of byAnnie Designs). The Contain Yourself pattern includes small, medium and large sized fabric bins that you can make as well as a formula to make these in any size you want to make them. I made the medium size first and then the large. The large is a whopper size too! I plan on making more of these, since they are useful and handy to have on hand.

You can add a clear vinyl pocket if you want to add a label to fit inside the pocket so you can see what you have inside the bin. This medium size is the perfect size to store my bag patterns in and quite roomy to hold a lot of patterns.

I had this Debbie Mumm coffee print fabric for so long, I thought I would use it to test this pattern. I really should make another bin with handbag fabric. I don't even drink coffee! But I love the colors in these fabrics.

The coordinating fabric is coffee beans.

As you can see Annie's Catch All Caddy is one of my favorite patterns. Really it is. I made 3 for myself and one for a friend as a gift. That caddy is so handy, I love it. But getting back for the fabirc bin here, it also is a handy pattern too, especially since you can make it any size to suit whatever you want to put inside of it.

This is the large size and it really is large! You could put a baby inside this bin. I added Chicago Screws on the handles. It was not part of the pattern, but I thought I would add them.

 I created my fabric, first by sewing scraps of batik fabrics into a large piece and then quilting it to the Soft and Stable, before cutting to the size piece needed. Quilting this wasn't part of the instructions (even though most of Annie's patterns are quilted).

The other side with the handle.

See how large it is inside the bin?

Even it's bottom is pretty, lol!

Some perspective to the size of this bin.

The Contain Yourself pattern will be available for purchase from Annie in about 12 more days on June 15, 2018. So try and Contain Yourself until the pattern is released. LOL!!! I couldn't resist that one!
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  1. Great fabric bins, Daryl, made with fun to look at fabrics too. There are so many fun patterns for sewing and quilting, but I don’t have the space available to make use of the end products. That’s frustrating. But I enjoy seeing everyone else’s creativity.

  2. Oh my goodness! My mind is spinning with all tons of ideas for using these. I'm marking my calendar...June 15th!

  3. I love your fabric bins and how flexible that are. One can never have on many bins to fill and keep contents organized. Chicago Screws are not familiar to me. Happy Sewing Dear...<3

  4. I like the possibility of using the bigger bin as an indoor plant container (with an actual pot inside of course). I have a lot of my plants in wicker style baskets right now. It would be cool — although I could never do it — to give them a new home with fabrics like yours. Nice!

  5. Beautiful baskets Daryl and love the idea of clear vinyl on the front so you can put a label on it!

  6. That really is one large basket, Daryl. Love how you've 'created' the fabric from batik scraps.


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