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Flower Spools Quilt & Vendor Craft Apron 2

Hello and welcome to my day of
 Where the Flowers Bloom Blog Hop
Brought to you by the lovely Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks

Up first is the Flower Spools Quilt~

I belong to a little applique group that meets monthly in my friend's home. We like to work on the same applique projects together. We chose to make this cute Flower Spool quilt. (The pattern is old and must be out of print, so couldn't find any info to link to). The pattern showed 4 flower spools and the flower spools were very small, they measured 1 1/2" wide x 5 1/4" tall. That just was too small for me, so I enlarged the applique to 150% and made 3 flower spools instead. I like it so much better. I made more changes too. First I pieced together white and cream colored scraps to create my background fabric, then I added the flower applique and blanket stitched around them. I also chose to use rickrack for the stems of the flowers. I made the appliques using batik and hand dyed scraps and like I said, the background was all scraps, so this entire quilt including the borders was all from my scraps. The binding was fabric that I hand painted a while ago and was just the perfect color to use on this quilt.

Flower Spools Quilt

Rickrack stem.

You can see I pieced the white background using fabric scraps.

I was a little late to sign up for this blog hop, so thank you Carla for allowing me to join in the fun. I hope you like my quilt and I also made the apron below using flower prints.

Next, Apron~

I was asked a couple of months ago to make a Vendor Craft apron by a woman who saw my first Vendor Craft apron here. I asked her what color(s) she wanted and she said she liked all colors. Well not to bore you all with the details, but she never got back with me about the apron. I took it to show a small quilt group I belong to and one of the ladies there wanted me to make her one like it too. I did not make another one because I thought I would sell her this one if I did not hear from the first woman by the time we met at our larger quilt group last Thursday. I didn't hear anything from the first woman so I did sell the apron to my friend, the second woman who saw and loved it. I am glad she really loved it and I learned a lesson: that I need to take 50% non-refundable deposit in the future for anything custom made.

On with the apron! I really love the fabrics I chose to make this apron. I have had that tulip fabric for a really long time too! The flowers and colors just scream Spring don't they?

Perfect Spring colors for this apron.

Flap over a pocket with a triple stacked button. Oh I love stacking buttons and have done so since I was a teenager.

Business card pocket with another button double stacked.

A zippered pocket to keep cash secure.

I added a Velcro closure to the flap rather than a buttonhole, so that it can open quickly, without having to fiddle with a buttonhole.

To compare aprons, this is the first apron I made for myself.

Closer look at my first apron.

My $5 garage sale dress form modeling the apron.

Ties are long enough to wrap to front and tie or if you want to tie in back you can, especially for a larger woman.

Business card pocket.

A swivel hook to hold car keys.

Pocket for a small pad of paper and a pen pocket too.
Okay I tend to go overboard with photos, but I like to see things close up as well as the whole item, so I take lots of pics. LOL!!!

Please be sure and visit the other bloggers on this Blog Hop. I hope you enjoy getting inspired from all the lovely items you see throughout the blog hop.

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Before you go, I wanted to share the one and only flower that bloomed on our little Hedgehog cactus. Only planted little Hedgie last year, so it's still small.

Love the color of the flower!

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  1. I love your spool flowers, and especially love the ric rac stems! Your apron is really fun too.

  2. So colorful and fun, my mouth waters to look at both projects. Thank you for joining the Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop. That wall hanging is so precious and I'm in love with the Vendor Apron. Inspired - I am for sure.

  3. Great projects. Your flowers are fun and the apron looks like it's very useful.

  4. spools and flowers what a fun combination. you are the person that gave new life to rick rack. you made it fun and showed me all the different ways you can use it. You also showed me that you can embellish rick rack!! that is mind blowing to me and it looks fantastic. i also love your famous cone flowers with the tiny embroidery.
    i love aprons and i have made many but it never occurred to me to add a secret zipper pocket, that is brilliant. Your aprons are pretty and practical. great job and i'm glad you were able to sell the one that the first person never purchased. Lesson learned!
    Great job

  5. Such cute flowers in the spool! And your aprons are just lovely and such a great idea!

  6. I love the flower spools. The rick-rack stem is so cute.

    The aprons are magnificent. I love the stacking buttons...what a great idea. I don't understand folks who do not follow up on their own requests. That is so rude! I'm happy you were able to sell the apron to someone else.

  7. Spool flower quilt is very sweet! I'm a rick-rack fan too and am amazed at the many ways you integrate it into your wonderful projects! Love your little Hedgehog cactus too! Jackie

  8. Your quilt and apron are wonderful. I certainly can understand why you enlarged the pattern for the flower spool quilt. I'm thrilled that you made a sale for the lovely apron. The apron design is divine. The photos of the catcus bloom are great. The way the bloom is captured made me feel as if the bloom were moving in a slight breeze. Of course, I know there isn't much of breeze in the ABQ area most of the time. Yet, right before my daughter got married there several years ago, I was alarmed when the house shook from the wind blowing. That's the only time I've been there when that happened. Thanks for participating and all the inspiration.

  9. That tulip fabric is perfection!!!

  10. So lovely! I have had disappointments with other people wanting me to sew something for them, also. So generally I just sew for myself and family now. Your aprons look very useful and pretty!

  11. The spool flowers are adorable! I enjoyed seeing all of your projects.

  12. You got me hook line and sinker! I absolutely LOVE the spool flowers. They are so darn cute and whimsical. Then there is that vendor apron. I would have given anything to have something like that when I craft showed! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  13. WoW I love both projects, the rickrack adds a fun and decorative technique use to the flowers project, but I also love the wonkiness of the petals on the flowers. The apron, how cool is making an apron fun like that. Double and triple stacking buttons, totally rad.. I really loved this post and the fun apron, I don't suppose you offer a pattern for the apron do you?

  14. Oh, my, Daryl...your projects are amazing! I love the spool flowers and that project apron is incredible with all the gadgets and pockets. Love them both!

  15. Your spool flowers are so bright and colorful! They look like they were a lot of fun to make. The zigzag stems were perfect for the wonky shapes of the flowers. The swirling quilting you did is beautiful! Absolutely love your aprons. Perfect for toting around all sorts of items.

  16. Love the apron, so bright and springy, not to mention so functional. The spools are very sweet.

  17. Such fun! I love the apron- I can see how it would be a great way to keep everything handy when you're busy working.

  18. Such a fun post and I luv the hedgehog cactus! Good job.

  19. Such a cute apron and perfect for the shows. The little wall hanging is a winner too.

  20. Two wonderful projects and both so flowery. Hmmmm...which do I like the best...oh dear, entirely too difficult to choose. The flowers spools are so cute and the apron is wonderful; I like the extra you added.

  21. I get so entranced with your photos that I forget what all you made by the time I get to the end--ha! Lovely spool flowers--I would have enlarged them too! That apron is fantastic! Would be handy for sewists, crafters, and vendors alike. And your little hedgehog cactus flower is precious! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wow Daryl, I LOVE both your spool quilt AND that apron. Oh, and the color of your cactus bloom is really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Totally adorable flower spool quilt - fun and a great idea!

  24. Beautiful wall hanging and the apron is adorable!!

  25. Ooooh, I need to make one of those aprons!!! I love both of yours... I know my biggest problem will be to try to fit too much into/onto my apron!! Thanks for sharing, you've inspired me! xx


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