Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Bag (with changes)

A few years ago I made the Happy Bag by Imazz Pattern Designs. It was fun to sew and looked great. I made changes on the first bag by making  patchwork strip pockets both front and back (pattern called for one front pocket).

This time I thought I would experiment some more and not only make patchwork strip pockets on front and back again, but make one adjustable strap instead of 2 fixed straps. Plus I boxed the corners rather than sew rounded corners with darts. I also made the accent strip above the pocket a bit narrower to better balance the bag. I didn't add a magnetic snap closure this time because I liked the slouchier look and easy access to this bag.

The look of the bag is a bit different and a bit thicker in parts to sew too. It was fun to experiment and try some new things
I used purple strips for the pocket and a denim-like material for the rest of the exterior.

The other side of the bag showing the other pocket.

I added a slip pocket inside.

The depth of the bag is wider with my changes.

The other side of the bag.
The first Happy Bag looks like this:
This is the first Happy Bag I made so that you can compare the changes I made on the purple Happy Bag.
I like the look of the original Happy Bag better.

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  1. While purple is one my favorite colors most time that red one is really cute. Cute bad. You're good

  2. I like both bags. You always amaze me with your modifications to patterns. They always turn out so nice.

  3. I love the modifications you made to the bag. The slouchy look is cool!

  4. Hi, its great to compare the two and its interesting to see how modification can change the look. They both look great. i think i like the outer look of the original better, that smaller size half moon is very pretty. i'm always a fan of bags with adjustable handles which is a must. great job and enjoy both.

  5. Your patriotic bag is so cute! Resisting the urge to make one too!

  6. Thanks for the email about comments...hope you get this!


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