Sunday, April 22, 2018

Craft Show Vendor Apron

I made this craft show vendor apron to use for when I am selling my bags and quilts at my quilt group's annual Outdoor Quilt Show in April. The quilt show is today, so I will be wearing the apron for the first time since I made it about a month ago.

There are several pockets including a zippered pocket and a business card pocket. It is a very handy apron to have.

This was a tutorial from Crafy Staci. I made some changes on my apron. I sewed my zippered pocket and the flap pocket differently than Staci instructed. I also interfaced some things that she did not. I added a Velcro closure to the flap with a decorative button to make access to the pocket easier than trying to fiddle with buttoning and unbuttoning the flap. I like this apron and I am sure it will be so useful for the show and for other times when I want to put my tools in the pockets when I am working on other crafty things to have easy access to them.

The long narrow tie will wrap around to the front to tie, or can also be tied to the back in a large bow. I prefer to tie from the front. I also like the narrow tie as I think it stays tied better than a wide tie. I find the wider ones work their way loose too easily, but maybe that's just me?

A cute sewing machine button decorates the flap. There are pockets for a little notebook and pens too.

Another sewing machine button on the business card pocket. I also added some rickrack around the pocket and my label.

The zippered pocket is perfect for holding cash and checks and keeping it secure.

Instead of a fabric loop here, I used a hair tie instead. The hook will hold my key.

This is the back side of the apron. I really like this fabric too and it's a shame it is hidden on the back.

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  1. I love all of the "sewing machine"-ness of this apron! (Where on earth would you find sewing machine BUTTONS??) This project is great timing for all of the garage sales that will soon be sprouting up everywhere. Good luck at the show.

  2. I really like this! But I think I would use it most at home so I'm going to stitch one up.

    1. So glad you like this Jan. I couldn't reply through email because you are a no-reply. It really came in handy at the show, but is great to wear for crafting too.

  3. This is a great show apron! Very colorful and fun. I imagine you are going to get a lot of compliments on it.

  4. Your apron is perfect and I hope you sell out in the show. This apron will be useful for lots of venues. Your additions are excellent and I adore the sewing machine buttons to go along with the fun fabric. Creative Apron Bliss...<3

  5. This post showed up in my blog reader so I didn't know at first whose post it was. When I saw the fabrics and fun embellishments I was pretty sure I knew whose apron it was, and I was RIGHT! Tis adorable, and very *you* :)

  6. i love this apron and i especially appreciate the changes you made. As you know i have a lot of aprons but i can see the usefulness of adding one more. the pockets and zippers are a wonderful addition. i agree Velcro works better in this situation. interfacing is also needed to give it stability. great job

  7. Very nice apron, Daryl. Hope you had a successful show.

  8. Your apron is sew fun and colorful. Thanks for sharing Crafty Staci's blog so we could get the pattern. That's a pretty handy apron to make.

  9. Fabulous apron! I could certainly use it as a stitcher/crafter, but I can find reasons to use one in the kitchen, too. I'm definitely going to put a loop and hook on mine to keep my pot holders handy. When Hubs helps, he often grabs them just when I need them. And dang-it, I LOVE those sewing machine buttons! Please let us know where to find them?


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