Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tropical Flowers Lap Quilt

My daughter loves tropical flowers (so do I!), so when I saw this panel, I asked her if she would like me to make her a lap quilt using the panel. She said yes she would like a lap quilt (I have to ask first, because sometimes she doesn't like what I make for her and I end up getting it back)! I thought of how I would cut apart the flower blocks and what I would do to create the top using the blocks. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The panel had 16 flowers with black separating each flower. That black didn't look good and was too harsh looking. But since I thought I would cut apart the flower blocks, I wasn't concerned with the black because in the end it wouldn't show. Well since nothing really came to me as to how to create this quilt and the size of it was about right as it was once a border was added, I decided to fuse the orange/yellow batik fabric over the black that was in between the flowers and blanket stitch the new sashing in place. It looked so much better with the orange/yellow batik fabric as it really picked up those colors in the flowers. Then I added turquoise batik border and had a long arm quilter quilt the quilt in a Plumeria pantograph. I really like how this turned out and so does my daughter. (Thank goodness)!!!

Ah, Plumeria flowers (known as Frangipani in some places of the world); I can almost smell their sweet scent. I loved seeing the trees covered in these beautiful flowers when I was in Hawaii years ago. I love the pink flowers as well as the yellow flowers.

Hibiscus flowers are so pretty too.

I think this is and orchid of some kind. 

Bird of Paradise. I remember we had these growing in our yard when I lived in California.

The quilting pattern is called Plumeria and was a perfect choice for this quilt.

Plumeria quilting design.

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  1. Gorgeous. It does remind me of Hawaii. Love the new flower frames, much better than black.

  2. Beautiful quilt!!! The flowers are gorgeous and I love the blue border. Sweet!!!

  3. I love sewing for my kids. But, as you said, it can be frought with 'danger'. My best successes come when I wait for them to ask.

  4. This really turned out lovely. The panels I've worked with in the past have been very basic and nothing this pretty.

  5. you are a genius. i love how you changed the sashing to what you wanted without having to cut up the blocks. The whole quilt is very cheerful and exotic, i'm not surprised your daughter loves it. the quilt pattern that was used really compliments the quilt itself. great job


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