Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Home Sweet Home Row Quilt

This is the 2016 Row by Row Experience Block that was from the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon. It was designed by June Jaeger (Jean Wells' sister). Jean is the owner of the Stitchin' Post. You can still purchase the pattern here.

 I started it over a year ago and then it sat waiting for me to quilt it. I got most of it quilted, except for the sky, so it sat a few more months. I am so glad I got this one finished! I just love it. It reminds me of my visits to Sisters and Bend, Oregon to visit my friend there and attend the Sisters annual Outdoor Quilt Show.

I used batik, hand dyed and commercial fabric in this quilt. It was a bit time consuming to trace the pattern shapes to fusible web, cut them out, fuse them down and quilt around everything. I did not do my usual blanket stitch around the shapes, instead I quilted around some shapes close to the edge and do other quilting to hold it all in place. I was a bit nervous about doing this, because I have had issues with thread breakage while quilting recently and if you rip out on a fused down piece the holes will show. I did have a few places this happened.

This is hanging in our bedroom and Mr. P really loves it too!

I love this Sisters, Oregon scene.

The snow is white fabric with silver glitter in it, so perfect for snow. The mountain is batik fabric.

Batik fabrics were used for the cabin,

I didn't have the right green for the trees in batik, so the trees are a commercial fabric.

I used a hand dyed brown (I dyed myself) for the binding.

I just couldn't see this going into a quilt with other rows, because this beauty needed to stand on it's own!

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  1. this is incredible, its very transporting to look at because its so dramatic. i can't help but think about how tedious it must have been to make some of those cuts for the trees. i love how you quilted it as well. what a great image to have as a memory of your time in Oregon.
    great job tara

  2. I definitely see Sisters and Bend Oregon. Lovely Row-by-Row panel and you are so right to let it stand on it own. Your fabrics and quilting are perfect. Awesome April Dear...<3

  3. I would have to throw an airplane into the sky part which is why I don't quilt. I'm always making it more difficult!
    I am mulling over doing Violet Crafts Elevated Abstractions of Mt. Hood. Got the pattern, thinking anout my color palette. ( and, yes, I'll toss an airplane in when I finally sit dow to do it.
    Love your wall art.

  4. You know how I love row quilts. I ADORE this one! That cabin and mountain look so realistic.

    It is great catching up with you in blogland again!

  5. If it has electricity and indoor plumbing, I'd like to rent that adorable cabin, please! I'll bring along some hand stitching and pretend that we're not in the middle of weird late ice-snow-cold nonsense ;) LOL I love that Kathy would add an airplane - of course she would - too cute!

  6. I would have to throw an airplane into the sky part which is why I don't quilt. I'm always making it more difficult!

  7. This is a very nice row quilt. I have so many row patterns and kits that I'm sure I won't get to all of them.

  8. Very pretty! Looks like a lovely place to visit!

  9. Another labor of love, Daryl. It must be very pleasing for you that Mr P. loves it.


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