Monday, April 9, 2018

(Don't Worry) Bee Happy Quilt

When I saw the Bee Happy quilt on Lori Holt's Blog, Bee in My Bonnet, I knew I wanted to make this quilt. I loved all the separate little blocks each by themselves, but all together it was quite a quilt! Plus I knew I would make more blocks and use them for other projects later on.

I did fusible applique using fusible web instead of Lori's needle turn method with interfacing. I machine blanket stitched around each applique, matching the thread color to the fabric color. I did not add a final plain border around the hexagon border, as this was getting quite large for a wall quilt. My husband did not like the wording on the quilt "Bee Happy", so I added a few birds there in it's place. Once I got the top done, it went off to the quilter. I chose a quilting design called Tweet Tweet, which has flowers and a bird and was not too densely quilted. I also chose a buttercream yellow color of thread because it would blend the best with all the colors and not pop out too much. It worked well. Although you cannot see the bird part of the quilting very well because of the busyness of the quilt, I like it anyway.

This quilt is mostly applique, but there are a few pieces blocks too, most with an applique on them. I used mostly all scraps of fabric to make this quilt. All the applique and pieced blocks were from my scrap bags. I had to use up some fat quarters and yardage for the background fabrics after I ran out of the scraps for the background.

2 pumpkins.

The Picnic Basket. I added a ribbon instead of fabric on the basket.

Love these 2 chickens.

Pieced flag with applique star.

Bee and a bird, so cute. The bird's wing is a fabric from my mom's quilt shop back in the mid-70's! I just had a few scraps left of this fabric. Since my mom passed away in October of 2016, I wanted to add some memory of her to this quilt. She would have loved to be able to see this quilt. A couple of the ribbons I used she had given to me decades ago too.

Nice floral block.

I love the different Churn Dash blocks, each with a different applique in the center. Just love this chunky bee.

3 flowers in pots.

3 flowers in one pot. I used a polka dot ribbon for the top of the pot rather than cut fabric. I used different ribbons in various blocks, which was a great way of finally using up some of those decades old ribbon! The watering can and the flag bunting also I used ribbon on (no close-ups of those).

The Bee (instead of Ball) canning jar made into a pincushion. The black gingham is a ribbon too.

Single chicken is looking for those other 2 chickens.

3 trees.

The truck, trailer and dog with the 5 little birdies I added below instead of the Bee Happy wording. My little birdies must have been moving around, so they are not aligned up very straight! The red with green dots on the truck bumper area is also ribbon.

3 spools of thread.

On top are the canning jars. The 1st one and the last one I used ribbon instead of fabric (those 2 ribbons were given to me by my mom decades ago). I also used rickrack for the stem of the flower.

A single flower in a pot.

2 cupcakes with double stacked button cherries.

Ah, a cool glass of lemonade with a straw and cherry, just the thing for a hot summer's day!

I hope you like my version of Bee Happy, I know I sure do.

There are many more blocks I did not get close-ups of, so look carefully at them all.

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  1. I don't like it. I LOOOOOOOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! I love it, Daryl!

  3. Holy Toledo, that's one busy quilt! I love bees in and of themselves, but this quilt has a lot of other cute stuff going on. Nice to incorporate personal touches that are meaningful to you. I see five bees in total - were they all made the same way?

  4. What a treat for the eyes to see all the fun details in this quilt. I enjoyed seeing some blocks up close and especially liked how you used your ribbons and scraps from your mom. Your own creativity came through in your fabric choices and extra touches. Well done, Daryl!

  5. I'm making this quilt too use the same exact method as you. LOVE IT and am having fun! Yours came out great and love the pantgraph you chose for quilting. ENJOY!!

  6. Daryl it's so beautiful! I picked the 5 pack of birdies as my favourite part while I was scrolling through the pictures, but then I started reading and have decided that the mom bird Is My Favourite :) What a sweet tribute to your mom!

  7. What a lot of fun sewing, Daryl! Your quilt looks awesome. Each block is a delight. I love the border too.

  8. wow i don't even know where to start, this is so adorable. i can't stop looking at it, so much detail and so many fun surprises. i love the cup of lemonade, the trailer is the cutest and of course your added buttons. You can look at this every time your in a bad mood and it would make you happy again. Fantastic job as usual.

  9. OMGosh and WOW! This is the cutest quilt and it has sew many details and fun elements. How wonderful you were able to use your Mom’s fabrics and ribbons for good memories. Super Cutte Quilt Daryl Dear...<3

  10. Golly Daryl, I love love love it! You have done a wonderful job!

  11. Such a whimsical quilt. Love the addition of the buttons.

  12. Wow, Daryl - that's a lot of appliqué. Such intricate detail - love it!!!

  13. Amazing - I love all the pretty little blocks.

  14. What a lot of fun sewing, Daryl! Your quilt looks awesome. Each block is a delight. I love the border too.

  15. What an adorable and fun quilt. I am (still) working on Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage quilt. These blocks are all pieced though.

  16. WOW!!! That is one amazing quilt, Daryl. So much work in all that appliqué. It would be an absolute delight to look at in real life and take it all in.


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