Thursday, March 29, 2018

Small Arabesque in Blues

I made another small Arabesque Bag in blue fabrics and I added a back zippered pocket too. This is a free pattern from Sara of Sew Sweetness. I reduced the size of the bag to about 80% of the original bag size. I also sewed vertical, rather than horizontal stripes. I think this is a really nice size bag and a great looking bag too. I have this bag in a gift shop right now, so I think it might sell soon. If anyone would like me to make a bag like this in colors of their choice, just email me and let me know and we can discuss the colors and price.

This is the front of the bag.

Side view showing the bag's depth. I also quilted it in wavy lines too.

Bag has a zippered closure and I added a handmade charm to the zipper pull.

The view from the other side of the bag.

This is the back of the bag.

I added a zippered pocket on the back of the bag, along with a homemade zipper pull. I also added some rivets on the strap band on the front and back of the bag too.

Inside the bag there is a slip pocket that I divided to add a pen pocket. Love this cheerful lining fabric!

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  1. great bag and i like the vertical and one horizontal stripe. it looks very functional i hope it sells. your added touches always are a great bonus. You can never have too many zippers or pockets.
    great job

  2. BLUEtiful bag Daryl Dear. Your attention to details really add such great features and pockets are crucial for a bag to be organized. Spring is near...<3

  3. Cute bag! Love the zipper pull.

  4. More and more these days, a bag is a bag is a bag to me (I think I've seen too many), so I look for the special touches that make them interesting. I like the patchwork stripes on this one, particularly as they are not equal in size and run through a whole range of blue. (BLUE like you!) And of course, the quilting really makes it unique. Are you still using Chicago screws or are they real rivets?


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