Monday, March 26, 2018

Rover Passport Wallet

This was actually the first Rover Passport Wallet I made. I had forgotten to take a photo of it when I took it to the gift shop last year. Well it didn't sell and everyone had to take all their items back that hadn't sold at the beginning of the year because the building needs extensive renovation. The gift shop still has not reopened and may not until April or May. So I was able to photograph this passport wallet and show it to you. The Rover Passport Wallet is a pattern by Genycartes Sewing Patterns and you can find all her patterns on Craftsy. She has some free patterns as well some you pay for, so see them all here.

I purchased the Rover Passport pattern last year and have made a few of them. They are fast and easy to make and you can use up small bits of fabrics too. I really like this pattern. It's smaller than the other passport wallets I have made, but still has pockets to hold passports, cash, ID and more.

A nice big flap with a magnetic snap folds over to keep items secure.
This is the back of the wallet.

Opened up to see you have a pocket on the left and the right large enough to hold a passport on each side or cash. Another pocket where the red fabric is can hold ID's or cash.

I love the look of the angled and curved pockets. You can use all one fabric or several smaller fabric pieces, making it scrap friendly.

Opened up showing the back of the wallet.

You could add a zippered coin pocket on the back or inside if you wanted to. Or use Velcro to close instead of a zipper. Lots of other ideas for making changes to customize it for yourself, or just make as instructed too as it is a fun sew and makes a great gift.
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  1. sorry to hear about the shop closing that a bummer. i love this passport wallet. you chose great colors with nice contrast and i agree the angles are a nice added touch both because they look good and it makes it easy to grab the items you need. the fabric is fun and makes you think of travel.
    great job


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