Monday, October 5, 2020

Bag Straps

Do you have a favorite bag strap style? Do you prefer a single adjustable cross body strap, or 2 handles that can be grabbed or worn on the shoulder, or a waist/hip style of bag, a wristlet with a strap that goes over the wrist, or a clutch with no strap to tuck under your arm? (The last 2 mentioned are not pictured). What is your favorite strap style? And why?
For me I sometimes like a cross body style because depending on where I am going I can wear the bag hands free across my body or I can shorten the strap and wear on my shoulder. I prefer a single strap also because 2 handles if worn on the shoulder can slip off too easily. However, I do like the 2 handled bags because they tend to be larger and hold more of my stuff, even though I may not carry a lot of belongings, mine are larger, like 2 eyeglasses cases (one for readers and one for sunglasses), keys, a large wallet and a folded tote bag for shopping. So those 2 are my favorite style of strap/handles. Tell my your favorite strap style? Next time I will ask about bag style, but today is just straps.

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  1. cross body, it is comfortable to wear, feels secure and easy to access. the other handles i use only for special occasions.

  2. It's hard to separate the strap style from the bag style in terms of just thinking about a preference, but I would say definitively that I don't like the typical adjustable strap. I know, I get that it exists to make a bag "fit" all users and uses, but I don't like the look of them (i.e., the ones with the buckle slide). The extra bulk that it creates along a portion of the strap detracts from the overall appearance. Guess that's why when I came across the use of snap fasteners to add "adjustability" to a strap, I appreciated the new take on it.

    Otherwise, like you, a single strap is easier to manage than two, although I realize that the number of straps has more to do with the bag style and it sometimes looks better one way or the other. (Single strap uses less fabric - LOL - guess that's a big plus, too!)


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