Friday, October 2, 2020

Wayfarer Sling

I made this Wayfarer Sling (pdf from A Quaint Stitch) back in February and forgot to post it. So here it is. 

I had wanted to try making a sling bag and looked at a few of the styles out there from different designers. I really liked the look of this sling. It had 2 versions, one that had an extra zip around pocket. I made the version with one zip around pocket. 

The instructions were very good and someone even made a video tutorial for this bag, so you could follow along with the video too.

I love the look of this bag, but the stuff I tend to carry has dimension to it like sunglasses case and reading glasses case, and a large wallet are the main large items I carry. I carry smaller items too, but it appears that a sling like this is mainly made for lots of small, or somewhat flat items to be carried. If you put glasses and large wallets, the larger items will bulge a bit in the bag. Maybe that is something that won't bother you, maybe it will bother you? A phone or a tablet is flat and would fit fine in the pockets. But it got me wondering what do people carry in a sling? Do they even use all the pockets? I know I could have left off some of the pockets, but never having made or used a sling like this before I was uncertain as to how it was going to go together and which pockets would be more useful, so I added them all. I figure that whoever wants to buy this bag can choose which pockets to use and which not to, or use them all. Anyhow, I am curious if any of you have ever used a sling similar to this and how you liked it and what you carried in it?

I was thinking that I might want to use this sling myself. I like the idea of slinging it over my shoulder like a backpack or wearing it in front for easier access and safety (because as a backpack could get pickpocketed too easily). But my stuff didn't fit inside as nicely as I would have liked.
I used cotton to make this bag. That is faux cork on the bottom and the strap.

The hook can be attached to either the right or left side of the bag, depending on if you would wear on your right or left shoulder. The strap is adjustable too.

A zippered pocket in the front is handy for a phone.

The back side of the sling has a zippered pocket. This is the side that is worn against your body on either the front or back of your body. Perfect for carrying your wallet.

When you unhook the hook you have access to the slip pocket and the zippered curved pocket behind it.

The slip pocket has even more slip pockets on each side. 

Unzip the curved pocket and inside are more pockets! A zippered pocket, a mesh slip pocket, a padded slip pocket (good for holding a small tablet).

A better view of the mesh divided slip pocket and the zippered pocket.

I have made fanny/bum/waist bags that can be worn as a sling too and I think I prefer that style of bag to this one. My daughter bought a sling bag just before I made this one and she likes her sling. I think the only way this sling would have worked for me is to not add all those slip pockets and zippered pocket inside and just use the front and back zippered pocket and the curved zippered pocket with no pockets inside it. Then maybe my larger items would have fit inside.

It is not a bag I would make again, unless I did eliminate the inside pockets and perhaps gave it more depth at the sides to hold larger items.
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  1. It's really cute, but not sure I would like a sling! I went to Etsy to look at it and found another pattern I really like! I think I'll get it to make as a gift for my granddaughter!!

  2. All the things that you mention are why it takes me forever to decide how I want to customize a bag before I make it. I used two sling bags exclusively for a couple of years or so and felt that one was largely cavernous (this was the Sew4Home Summer Sling) while the other was very compact (the Summit Pack). For the latter one, I added a pocket to ensure that it would meet my needs, but yes, the interior of that style of bag tends to be somewhat restrictive. You really have to think about how you might want to use it before you make one of those. But some people swear by them; I guess it keeps them organized!


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