Monday, October 5, 2020

Large Tote in Wildflower Fabric

I was commissioned to make a few bags from a friend in my quilt guild last year. (Can't believe I forgot to post the bags!) She had purchased some patterns and fabric, but never made the bags (she attempted to start one of them) and that's when she asked me to make them for her. So I did. I will post about the others in the next few days.

I made a lot of changes to the bag pattern she had. I knew I would add more pockets and hardware that the pattern didn't call for, so I mostly made this one up myself. She had given the wildflower fabric to me to make this bag, but I used the blue print that I had to add to the wildflower print. I also used fabric I had for the lining. 

I made a slip pocket on the front and the back of the bag looks the same with a pocket too.

The longer zipper allows the bag to be opened up fully.

Here is the inside with a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

I used interfacing and foam stabilizer so the bag stands up nicely. I think I also added purse feet, but since I didn't take a photo and I made this last year, I am not certain, lol!
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  1. now that's a bag you can use for so many things. its just gorgeous. love the fabric and of course the size. everyone needs a nice large bag that's made well with a large opening. love the way this bag stands on its own, great use of interfacing and foam. thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty! Some of that wildflower fabric has found space in my stash.

    1. Thanks! For some reason you are a no-reply now. Blogger and their updates and changes are making blogging and comments hard now as they aren't sending the comments to my inbox now and I don't know if you changed anything on your end, but my friend has had 3 different things happen when she comments and she has done nothing new.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gail. You are a no-reply, so i don't have your email to send you a reply back.

  4. What a nice tote and I love that wildflower fabric!!


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