Friday, November 19, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover & Folder

My friend Tara's birthday is today and we got together so I could show her how to make this fabric folder (scroll down to see my folder like this). I made her a kit using my fabric scraps and then I showed her how to sew it all together. It turned out great! Tara even used some new embroidery stitches she didn't know she had on her machine. This is the front of the folder:This is the back of the folder:The inside of the folder:
Tara & I went out to celebrate our November birthdays on Wednesday (her birthday is today and my birthday was the 13th). This is the birthday present I made for Tara, it's a bunny sewing machine cover:
Close-up of the little bag I made:
Back of the bunny:
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  1. Arg!!! How cute!!! I use to make these little bunnies in the 90's. My neighbor and I had so much fun making them. Heck...I think my mom stills has hers!! (Moms are so awesome like that!) :)


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