Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Agnes Jewellry Pouches

The Agnes Jewellry Pouches pattern + video has finally arrived and is on sale for 40% off for 2 days only! Sale ends April 27, 2023 at 9am (GMT) so hurry and get your pattern! No code is needed! I tested these pouches for Monika of All Sew Petite. (Monika is from the UK so that is why jewelry is spelled with 2 "L's" in case you might be wondering, lol).

I LOVE these jewelry pouches! You can make one or both sizes. They are great to keep all of your jewelry in or take the smaller one with you for traveling. There are extra clear view zipper pockets that you can snap into either size and remove them whenever you want to. You can contain all of your jewelry in one place now! And these pouches would also be great for small sewing, knitting, or other craft tools that you want to be handy to keep in one place too! So many ways to use these pouches, so they don't have to be just for jewelry (you can eliminate making the ring or earring snap on holders if you intend to use these pouches for something else).

I chose a pretty batik for the outside of my pouches and other batik fabric for the inside lining fabrics.

Large size pouch on the left closes with a turn lock closure, whereas the smaller pouch on the right just folds in half. But no worries, as all your jewelry is secured in place and cannot fall out!

Inside are so many storage places. There is a snap off ring holder that is stuffed, an earring snap off holder, individual snaps for holding necklaces, snap off clear window zipper pockets, fabric pockets with flaps, stationary zipper pockets too!

I filled these pouches full of my jewelry! I didn't put much inside the fabric pockets, so I still have more room! Apparently, I have way too many earrings and had to place more earrings inside the clear zip pocket too!

Large size filled with jewelry.

Small size filled with jewelry.

Large size empty.

Small size with an extra snap on clear window double sided zipper pockets to add wherever you want to.

Hurry and save 40% off right now
! Sale ends 9am April 27 (GMT), so grab your pdf now and you don't need a code.
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