Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Raining Fabric Bowls...

I've been busy making lots of fabric bowls lately. I used up Christmas fabrics for some and batiks for others and even some ribbon yarn too. These have been selling well. Lots of photos because these are hard to photograph. It's hard to show the inside and the front and the outside all at once, so I took a few photos of each.
This one is made using ribbon yarn. 
Here is the outside and I added buttons to the side that you can see in the photo below...
...Buttons added; one on each side.
This one is made using a batik fabric.

Another bowl in a batik fabric. This fabric was leftovers from a bag I had made for my daughter.

A scrappy batik fabric bowl. 
I love to use scraps and see how they turn out. 

Scrappy batik bowl #2
Scrappy batik bowl #2.
I had a scrap of fabric that contained purple, orange, yellow and brown and tan colors, so I added some more fabrics that I had in my scraps in those colors too to create this bowl. Very autumn colors. I made a simple fabric flower for this one too.
Looking into the bowl.

Batik Fabric bowl #3 with a fabric flower.
Batik bowl #3  looking into the bowl.
I used black prints and some fabric were Christmas fabrics, but you can't even tell. I added a gingham fabric flower to this one.

Looking into the bowl.
Black bowl #2 without a fabric flower.
This one is all Christmas fabrics and mostly using checkered fabrics too.
I added a stacked button.
More Christmas fabric bowls using primarily red prints.

I mixed red and green Christmas fabric prints for this bowl.

The bowl on the left is primarily green Christmas fabric prints and the bowl on the right had more equal red and green prints.

Christmas bowls all stacked up.
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  1. Your baskets are all great, I like how you present them. My favorite one : the blue turquoise one!

  2. Great baskets! I don´t understand how to make them. Great work!

  3. these bowls are great, I love the color I think my favorite is the turquoise. congratulations on getting recognized for your up-cycle project.

  4. Beautiful,Daryl. Looks like you have certainly found a niche.

  5. They're beautiful! I particularly like the first one, with its candy colors. Keeping the cords close to the previous row while sewing must be hard on the hands... or on the sewing machine as the needle has to go through those cords... no?

  6. Beautiful, love the turquoise one

  7. Beautiful Fabric Bowls Dear. I am so happy to hear they are selling well for you. Busy hands are Happy hands.

  8. OMG!!!! they're all so beautiful. You've been really busy. If I had to choose only one then it would be the third one. Is that turquoise or aqua? Whichever its beautiful.

  9. They are all beautiful. Do you have a tutorial on how to make one, as I would love to try. The look machine sewn, but I cannot imagine that it would feed through my sewing machine?

    1. Ginx Craft you are a no-reply, so I cannot email you directly. There are lots of tutorials online and a couple of books that have been written on how to make these kind of bowls. Yes it does sew through the sewing machine. Give it a try.

  10. Daryl those bowls are adorable!

  11. The Christmas coloured baskets would be great filled with goodies - two presents in one. They're made from Christmas colours, but not too Christmassy, so could be used throughout the year.


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