Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finnigan the Bunny

My daughter got a bunny from a bunny rescue place last week. She named him Finnigan. Finnigan needed a bed and my daughter asked me if I could make one like one she saw online. So I made him a bed that I lined in a flannel and use a home dec fabric for the outside that I quilted. I added some boning around the opening so that it will stay open for him to hop inside of. I took the bed over to her yesterday. Finnigan jumped on top of the bed, then he went inside it briefly. Since it's not cold yet, I think he prefers to sit on top of it right now.
Finnigan sitting on top of the quilted sleeping bag/bed I made for him.
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  1. Finnigan is quite the handsome bunny! Cute little bed/pouch for him.....he's a lucky bunny to be rescued and have a nice home. :)

  2. I hope Finnigan and your daughter have a long and happy life together. If he was in rescue, I'm sure he is a happy, happy bunny now.Wonderful bed, nice job Grandma.

  3. Cute story, and Finnigan is cute too.

  4. Finnigan is very sweet. His bed is wonderful that you sewed for him. Do you follow Michelle May of Raspberry Rabbits blog about Bunnyville? If not here is her link: http://theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com/ She also rescues bunnies and they have a wonderful life in Bunnyville. Creative Bunny Bliss Dear...

  5. Finnigan looks quite comfy on top of his bed. As it gets colder, he'll figure out how cozy the inside will be. I have to admit, I've made a number of different things for a lot of different people but I've never sewn for a rabbit! Nice job.

  6. OMG! he is adorable! I've always wanted a bunny pet. He does look pretty comfy on his new bed:) Love it.

  7. Ahhhhh he's adorable. What a wonderful idea. I've never heard of a sleeping bag for a bunny before. I'm sure he's going to be really cosy when the weather gets colder.

  8. How adorbs!!! That lil bed is a great idea! I be cats would love that too!!


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  10. I didn't know there was a bunny rescue!? That's neat. And How sweet of you to make him a bed. He's awfully cute

  11. Oh shoot he is so cute! I have two bunnies...but they are outside pets. (They have a beautiful, roomy hutch though) :)


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