Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch All Caddy for Sewing

I finally finished my 3rd Catch All Caddy, which I am using for my sewing tools and chose a sewing theme fabric. I just love these caddies to hold my tools and so easy to grab and take with me whether I am going into the living room to do some handwork, or to take with me to a class or a sewing or knitting group. I now have a caddy for my art supplies, my knitting and now my sewing. The Catch All Caddy is a byAnnie design pattern, and of course uses the Soft and Stable also a byAnnie product, which is a great product for making your bags stand up and not flop over.
It looks a bit wonky sitting at a slight slant here, but I assure you it's perfectly straight, lol!!
Slip in side pocket. The pocket at the other end is a zippered pocket.
I placed a things inside the pockets, so you can see the inside and not just my sewing stuff.
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  1. Great Caddy! You found the perfect fabric to use, very clever!

  2. I like the color of the bindings and the free motion quilting design. It's a really cute caddy! I could see myself using something like this as I transfer my sewing station between upstairs/downstairs all the time.


  3. Very nice, Daryl. What a practical caddy. Love the thread fabric.

  4. That caddy is so darn cute! I love the sewing notions on the fabric and the lime green binding.

  5. I think you finally convinced me. I like all the pockets. Great fabric and well constructed with your personal touches.

  6. WOW! I love this Daryl and the fabric you used is fabulous!! Have a great week

  7. I love all the pockets in this bag, and what cute fabric for a sewing bag!

  8. these fabric bags are amazing and so handy. great job I know you will use it well

  9. This caddy is perfect for so many uses. Love the fabric.

  10. Great caddy, and I love the fabric and the green, it looks so nice


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