Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Gifts I Received

I am blessed with some really nice friends. I received these wonderful gifts for my birthday~
My friend Susan sent me this sunflower fabric and 4 iron-on fabric seed packets that I can use in a quilt, or a bag or shirt or? Well I'll see what I come up with. I really like sunflowers and cone flowers. Susan always sends me really wonderful gifts. Thanks Susan!

My friend Bobbie made this for me in batik fabrics (my favorite kind of fabric).

Bobbie hand embroidered cone flowers (lucky me I got both sunflowers and cone flowers) and my name. Bobbie does beautiful work.

This is the other side with the zipper and a beautiful zipper pull.

And in case you were wondering what it is... well a bag to carry my Ott light in of course! I use my light wherever I go. I always take it to the applique group I belong to that happens to be at Bobbie's house and so she knows I use my light. So what a great gift! I will really use this Bobbie, thank you!

Bobbie also gave me this yarn cutter.

Tara, who has a November birthday too (Happy Birthday Tara), also made this for me. It folds into a box like above. Not only did Tara give me some nice gifts, we also went out to lunch and then to a fiber art exhibit too. Thanks Tara!

When opened, Tara added pages of things on all 4 sides and this is the bottom. I knit, so this is a mini ball of yarn, knitting needles and a paper tea cup and saucer.

Here is a page that shows a photo Tara found with yarn and she knit this tiny mitten. How cute is that?

Tara made this bag from a place mat and inside the bag was a book Knit Two by Kate Jacobs.

Tara also made this bowl using a ribbon yarn and clothesline, but she made an opening for a ball of yarn to pull through. I have seen ceramic bowls made for yarn balls and Tara was trying to make a similar item. I think it will work for a small ball of yarn, but my large ball of yarn was a bit too large. Still it's a very pretty bowl and I love the pink color and the added flower.
This wasn't actually a birthday gift, but it did arrive in my mailbox on my birthday. This sweet little postcard was made by Annie and when I told her I would love to have her, she sent her to lucky me! Thanks Annie.

I won this Bird Brain Design embroidery pattern in the recent "Wicked" blog hop, from Pauline of Quilt-n-Queen. It arrived a couple of days ago, so while it wasn't a birthday gift per say, it arrived just after my birthday.

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  1. WOW! Amamzing friends you have and OMG! everything was so beautiful!! I hope you had a really amazing birthday!

  2. Daryl, You have some wonderful friends, and received some really great gifts. Glad you had a nice Birthday.

  3. Ooo, what a fun birthday you must have had. What I know for sure is that you got some great gifts and fun surprises.

  4. OMG Daryl, you have some creative and generous friends. They're all beautiful projects. Thanks for sharing with us all these wonders, it's like celebrating your birthday with you! Marisa-

  5. WOW!! You have some fabulous friends, what wonderful gifts!! :^) Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Congratulations on winning Annie's postcard. It's adorable and I was hoping it would end up in my mailbox!!! You do have nice friends and they gave you lovely gifts.

    I wonder if I am still a no-reply blogger. 11/29 7:34 p.m.

  7. You have received some really nice birthday gifts by some nice friends. Happy birthday!!



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