Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chinese Lantern Quilt...Finally Finished!

Today is my grandson's 5th birthday. Here is the posting showing the quilt top and a brief story about this quilt. The quilting took me a long time to complete, but it's finally done and now my grandson can sleep under his new quilt. I think I might make a miniature version of this to hang on his wall too, maybe in different colors.

Chinese lanterns in green batik fabrics. These were pieced blocks. I added the embroidery of the loop at the top of the lanterns and the tassels at the bottom along with the ball applique, which I did my hand.
Side view of the quilt.
I quilted each lantern differently. This one I quilted by following the design of the fabric.
Close-up of lantern and quilting.
Update: My Chinese Lantern Quilt is a free pdf by the Happy Zombie and it's called, Glow Happy. You can get the pdf here and visit Monica's blog and her other social media sites here.
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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Beautiful colours.

  2. Wow!!!! That's beautiful. I bet it would look nice in Christmas colours too.

  3. Wow, Daryl! What a beautiful quilt! I love batiks and this is a perfect use of them. Well done!

  4. Happy Birthday to your grandson Daryl! How special and your quilt to him is absolutely beautiful with all the colors, he will adore it because grandma made it SPECIALLY for him!! I hope you had a fun time Trick or Treating:) Have a fantastic Thursday!

  5. meant:) I hope your grandson had a fun time Trick or Treating:)

  6. Daryl, Beautiful quilt, gorgeous fabrics, wonderful birthday gift. Love it.

  7. Daryl, you'll find quite a few messages of mine, as I'm admiring all your creations and I can not stop to leave comments on your blog. I was not on the Internet for several days and now I'm taking advantage. Daryl your quilt is spectacular, I love it. You did a beautiful job on the quilt, I would like to see it live, I love the color combination you've done.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is an absolutely beautiful lantern quilt! I'm not sure how it came up in a google for propeller blocks, but I'm glad it did. :D Love your colors and quilting approach.

  9. I can see why this one is a favorite! The batiks are perfect for the laterns aren't they!

    1. Perfect post to rejuvenate! Thanks for stopping is getting into routine and I'm looking forward to blog hopping more! (Feel like I've been missing out...LOL...but that darn 9-5 does get in the way sometimes...hahaha)

  10. A great project for what I'm sure was a very happy recipient! I love the embroidery "tassels" you added and what a wonderful opportunity to try/practice all the different quilt stitch patterns. Thanks for sharing this one again at Va'ls link-up!

  11. Love the bright fabrics and the individual quilting of the lanterns.

  12. D- I just love a lantern quilt! Yours is stunning fabric and quilting. Loved it. LeeAnna at not afraid of color visiting from Vals

  13. I'm here from Val's Archives linky -- and I LOVE your lantern quilt! It's easy to see why it's a favorite. Your batiks were the perfect choice for the lanterns; some of those fabrics really give the impression of being lit from within. Beautiful job and I'll bet your grandson still loves it!

  14. I love this! That is an awesome quilt. The colors are fantastic.

  15. Your work is so beautiful and so inspiring. These Chinese lanterns are gorgeous, and all your quilting!


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