Monday, September 18, 2017

Double the Fun Zipper Pouches

Sandie, one of the testers of my Organizer Pouch, asked me to test a pouch pattern for her recently. She had never written a pattern before but was going to teach how to make these pouches at her local quilt shop. Then I guess she decided to take the plunge and actually put her pattern up on Craftsy to sell. Her pattern is called Double the Fun Zipper Pouches. Good luck Sandie!

With one zipper and an extra zipper pull, you can make these pouches. I didn't have an extra pull, so I used 2 zippers, which you can also do.

Sandie posted the testers versions on her blog, Crazy'boutquilts, that you can see here. These were fun little pouches to make and Sandie's directions were well written.
This is the larger of the 2 zippered pouches. The ruffle and the patchwork remind me of a quilt shop with windows and an awning, lol!

Here is one side of the small pouch.

This is the other side of the small pouch.

This is the other side of the large pouch.

Both together.

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  1. Your pouches are very cute Daryl! Thanks so much for testing for me!!

  2. cute, its amazing how many variations there are on a simple pouch. the ruffle is a nice embellishment.

  3. I like your seeing a quilt shop with windows and an awning. Fun pouch with a ruffle. Happy testing dear...<3


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