Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9 Scrappy Patchwork Zippered Pouches

I wanted to use up scraps that were over flowing in my scrap bags, so I made some zippered pouches. I still have plenty of scraps left because when I wasn't looking they multiplied like rabbits! LOL!

If you see any that you would like to buy, email me. They will eventually go to the gift shop, but the shop will take only a few items each month, so if I still have some of these, I would be happy to sell them. $18 each plus shipping. I invoice through PayPal. I will mark any that sell as sold here next to the photos. Thanks for looking.

#1 Side A.

#1 Side B.

#1 Inside.

#2 Side A.

#2 Side B.

#2 Inside.

#3 Side A.

#3 Side B.

#3 Inside.

#4 Side A.

#4 Side B.

#4 Inside.

#5 Side A.

#5 Side B.

#5 Inside.

#6 Side A.

#6 Side B.

#6 Inside.

#7 Side A.

#7 Side B.

#7 Inside.

#8 Side A.

#8 Side B.

#8 Inside.

#9 Side A.

#9 Side B.

#9 Inside.
I entered a bag into the Elm Street Quilts Bag it 2017 
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  1. Sweet pouches Daryl! Scraps definitely have more of a way of growing than they do of disappearing. No matter how many scrappy things we make!

  2. adorable you can never have enough pouches.

  3. I love these pouches! They look so easy to make,too.

  4. Fun zipper pouches and I believe no one can ever have too many cases for keeping things organized and safe. Great use of your scraps. <3

  5. I actually like scraps as much as (if not MORE than) I like yardage - scraps are pretty, and so you are your pouches :) I agree with the other commenters that you really can't have too many pouches :D

  6. A lot of work, Daryl !!! But all of pouches looking adorable !!


  7. These remind me of my snap bags....so fun and "addictive" to make.

  8. Oh I love them all. So colorful :)

    1. Thank you Danice. You are a no-reply, so you might have Google+ which messes up things or you need your email in your settings. Sorry I couldn't directly respond back to you.

  9. These are really fun! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It event!

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you! You are a no reply so I couldn't email you directly.

  11. I so need to do this - instead of reaching for the shiny sparkly new fabrics.


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