Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Drunkard's Path Freezer (Table) Topper

We got a chest freezer last year and I wanted to create a topper for it since it was so white and bright and I thought adding a topper to it would make it look more homey. So I measured the top of the freezer and decided to use the smallest size Drunkard's Path die cuts from Crafter's Edge. I just went through my scraps of brown and yellows to use. My original idea was to make a sort of Sunflower shape using these colors, but I didn't like how it was looking, so I played with layouts until I was happy and this is the end result. I do like this layout a lot.

I also decided to sew them a bit differently by appliquéing the curve, by placing it on top, rather than sewing a curve. I like the appliqué look. 

I am sure you might be wondering how do I open a chest freezer without this topper constantly falling off? Simple, I glued a magnet on all four corners of the topper and it stays put. Yes that was pretty genius if I do say so myself, LOL!!!

I blanket stitched around the curves and quilted curvy lines too.

It sits atop my chest freezer.

Magnets glued to all 4 corners keep the topper in place when the freezer is opened.

I used the Drunkard's Path die cut to create this topper.
Drunkard's Path die cut from Crafter's Edge.
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  1. came out great, nice that you figured out a way to keep it in place. I've always loved drunkerds path but curves intimidate me. your really making the most of your new "toy" from crafters edge. it looks fantastic.

  2. Well aren’t you the clever genius with the magnets idea! Thanks for answering the question that came to my mind quickly. Ha! I much prefer an appliqued curve edge also. Your freezer topper looks great.

  3. Now that is one fun way to get a great curve:) Did you use a special glue for the magnets?

  4. I was just thinking... you could make a quilt for the front as well.


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