Monday, June 1, 2020

Laminated & Quilted Food Bags

I am sure most of you have seen zippered pouches that are made out of candy bags, right? Well I don't eat much candy, nor do I eat the kind that come in bags (usually a dark chocolate dairy-free candy bar is what I prefer), so I thought why not try making a bag out of some healthier food bags?

These food bags both came from Costco. The tall bag contained pea snacks and the small bag held quinoa grains. I messed up the cutting of the corners on the quinoa bag, so it wasn't as good as the tall pea bag.

After cutting apart the bags and cleaning them, I laminated the bag exteriors using an iron on clear vinyl (matte finish). Then I quilted them to fleece. Then I made them like any zippered pouch and lined them too. It was a fun experiment and if I ever come across some really nice food bags again, I might make some more. The original size of the bag kind of dictates what size you have to work with when making these food bags.

As you can see the snack peas is a tall bag and the quinoa is a more normal size zippered pouch.

The lining for the quinoa bag.

I quilted this in a diagonal grid.

I quilted this one in curves.

Lining in the tall pea bag. I added a pocket inside too.

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  1. Totally clever, these are! The pouches hit all the important requirements of upcycling, reuse and style. I'm sure you could sell these easily.

  2. I have no desire to make any but it's fun seeing what you are putting together. I have seen many candy bag ones but I don't think they had fabric linings. Nice idea!

  3. that is absolutely adorable but it seems like a lot of work.i have some dog food bags I've been meaning to sew into something. i love the idea of lining them. i really like that you used healthy food bags. you've inspired me i'll try using my dog food bags. great job as always.

  4. Those are awesome. I wish I had that talent.

  5. Those are just awesome! I wish I had that talent.

  6. Great idea! We're always looking for ways to keep stuff cold when coming home from the store


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