Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MIY Tote Blue Jeans & a Fold Up Style too

I showed you the MIY (Make it Your) Tote in my last post where I added a typewriter applique pocket on the front of the bag and now here are 2 more MIY Totes. One is made using old blue jeans and the other I made with just fabric so it folds up into a bag to carry in your purse for shopping. All of these MIY Totes are part of the challenge Liz, of Moments by Liz, is having on her Facebook groups right now.

The blue jean tote was entered in the recycled and creative categories.

I quilted the bag and pocket using a variegated gold thread. I added a bit of gold trim to the pocket too.

This is the back side with another pocket and half the front is a dark gray jean.

Location shoot around my yard.

Last photo with these flowers for this year, as the blooms are all spent now.

I added a magnetic snap closure and this bag opens wide. Inside a zippered pocket and a slip pocket divideed with a pen pocket.

Pen pocket with pen.

The next MIY tote is made without any interfacing or stabilizer, it's just 2 fabrics. I used 2 poly/cotton blend fabrics so it would wrinkle less being folded up. The yellow gingham lining is a seersucker fabric.

I entered this into the Creative category.

I put some air pillows inside to give it some body for the photo.

Danish corner is what Liz calls these.

Inside is the bag. It was hard to photograph this bag because it was so floppy without anything but fabric (no interfacing).

I added a narrow tab with a Kam snap, so when I fold the bag in thirds and fold it up, I can snap it closed.

I love yellow gingham. It's so fresh and happy looking. This is a seersucker fabric so it won't wrinkle much.

All folded up and snapped closed. Just pop it into a purse for shopping.
I have 2 more MIY Totes to show you later this week. I made 5 in all.
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  1. You really went to town on all your bags for the challenge, good luck!

  2. i love the categories I've never heard of "creative giveaways" before. great use of blue jean material i especially like how you carried your thread art over the pocket and onto the bag it gives it a lovely flow. i also like the colors you used with your thread. its amazing how you made each bag so unique, of course i'm partial to the typewriter one but they are all lovely in their own right. you always inspire and make me look at my material in new ways. thank you Tara

  3. Your jeans bag looks great, Daryl. The gold quilting works so well against the blue denim, and attaching the handle with rivets(?) looks so effective.


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