Friday, June 5, 2020

Marilyn Big Pouches in Medium & Large

Imazz Patterns recently updated the Marilyn Cosmetic Bag and created what she calls Marilyn Big Pouches. I thought they looked even better than the original Marilyn pouches (and I have made a lot of those in past), so I bought her pdf shortly after she released the pdf.

The Marilyn Big Pouches comes in a medium size and a large and I made both using the last of my Tim Holtz ticket fabric. The medium is on the left and as you can see it is just slightly small than the large size. Both are good sized pouches.
The front of the bag is made with up to 3 different fabrics, so you can use some scraps for the smaller pieces. Or I have seen this made in all one fabric too, but I tend to like more color, so I prefer the 3 fabrics. But it is a design that you can have fun mixing and matching fabrics.

Even though I thought the directions were a bit confusing or lacking in parts here and there, I jotted down my notes on the pdf so that I could make these again as I do love the results.

Can you see the date Aug 17 written sideways on both pouches? That day just happens to be Mr. P's and my anniversary (40 years this August). 

The back of the pouches are just plain fabric. Since I do like this fabric that is fine, but when I make more of these, I may just make the front and the back the same or put a slip pocket where the zippered pocket goes on the back side. 
Inside there is a divided slip pocket. The directions have you fuse fusible fleece to the lining pieces. No interfacing on the lining, just the fusible fleece. Well that seemed to make it wrinkle a bit and it's rather hard to press out lining wrinkles. So next time it is interfacing on all pieces and then the fleece as that works best with no wrinkles.

This is the large pouch interior.

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  1. I love all your beautiful bags. The details you put into them sure is amazing!

  2. i am a huge Tim Holz fan and this is a great use of the fabric. i love these pouches they look so practical. you give them a very crisp professional look. great job as always.


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