Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Annette Satchel in Purple Echinacea (Coneflower) Print

I absolutely love Echinacea (coneflowers) and when I saw this print (long after it came out), I really wanted some, but I resisted. I kept seeing more and more bags and wallets made with this Echinacea Glow fabric from Free Spirit (designed by Anna Marie Horner), that I had to do a search to see if I could find any to buy. I found this colorway on Etsy. I think this print was made in 3 or 4 colorways. This color combo is my favorite.

So after making the Annette Satchel (Swoon Pattern) that I showed yesterday in the black and gold batik, I knew this was the pattern I wanted to make for me using the Echinacea print. I really love how this turned out!

Again, I didn't want to add the U-shaped strap connector because I didn't want to cover up the beautiful print, so I riveted the straps and added strap ends like I did with the black batik Annette Satchel. I also added purse feet and a slip pocket inside, only not a dimensional pocket this time.

The bag measures 13" wide x 9" high x 5" deep.

Purse feet and a quilted bottom. The purple fabric is a variegated fabric with medium to dark purples. I used this fabric for the straps, sides and pockets too, so you can see how the purple shades in this fabric changes. I think it tends to glow too along with the coneflower print.

I bought a few purse charms to add to some zipper pulls.

I added a stacked button on the zipper tab for a bit of bling.

Pull can be placed inside the pocket (or the bag).

Love a zippered closure on a bag too.

See how wide it opens? Zippered pocket and slip pockets inside.

I even added rivets to the top sides of this pocket.

This bag does make me Swoon, lol! Swoon Patterns has a lot of great bag patterns, but for now this is my favorite one.

Hopefully, I will be able to use this bag when I get out again. No place to go, so I have been staying home and sewing. Meanwhile, I can admire the bag and the print and that makes me happy. Oh and I found a couple other colorways of this print and I ordered a couple yards of each, so I will be making other bags in Echinacea Glow to sell hopefully next year if there are any craft shows happening).
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  1. Lovely bag. The fabrics are perfectly matched and as usual, your finishing touches bring it up a notch. (I have a "hidden" preference for purple, as I am often surprised by how many things I have that are purple.)

    Are you finding that when you do go out, you tend to be as efficient as possible? I've taken to carrying a small crossbody bag when I shop, rather than my usual purse.

  2. A great combo of a great print and a great bag!

  3. wow that fabric was made for you, its perfect. looks so good on that purse.

  4. Well, I did it...I bought the pattern. I just couldn't pass up this beautiful bag. Now your in trouble. Bag making is not my stong suit, so I may be bugging you for tips and tricks! LOL!! Seriously beautiful bag Daryl!

  5. Another lovely bag. I have not even made my first one as I am intimidated by the zipper. Have you done a zipper tip Tuesday, or do you plan to? I really want to make this purse. It will be from Eerie Alley Hearse fabric and my husband has dubbed it my Hearse Purse.

  6. A beautiful bag! You used the cornflower print perfectly!
    Happy Quilting! :-)
    Quilting Gail

    1. Thanks so much Gail! Since you are a no-reply, I couldn't email you directly.


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