Friday, June 19, 2020

Make it Yours (MIY) Tote with Typewriter Applique Pocket

Liz of Moments by Liz gave the members of her Facebook group a challenge to make a tote bag, but to add whatever we wanted to the tote. Liz wrote a pattern called Make it Yours Tote (MIY) and gave us the measurements to use, but the rest was up to us. She came up with 3 categories to put our bags in: Creative, Themes, Recycled. You could place photos in more than one category if it fit and you could make and enter as many totes as you like too.

This tote is the first I made. I wanted to use up some fabric that I have had for a long time (my personal goal) and to be creative as well as make a functional tote too. I made an applique of a typewriter and turned the applique into a large slip pocket for the front of the tote, which is the creative part of the bag. The other things I did I will mention in the caption below each photo.

I riveted the handles to the bag.

For the typewriter applique pocket I fused on the background and blanket stitched it in place. I added hot fix dots for the typewriter keys and a text fabric for the paper in the typewriter, which even has a typewriter style font.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap and is quite roomy inside.

I divided the slip pocket with 2 pen pockets and a larger pocket with a Kam snap closure. The teacup/teapot fabric was given to me by a friend a long time ago. In fact she loves typewriters and tea, lol!

A zippered pocket inside too.

I added purse feet to help keep the bottom cleaner and added stabilizer on the bottom too.

On back of the bag you can see that I quilted the whole bag in a wavy stitch and I used fleece instead of foam, which gives it a nice feel and still stands up, but is not as rigid as the foam. 
I made some more MIY Totes too that I will be sharing soon. The deadline to join the challenge at Moments by Liz (Facebook) is July 4, so I still have time to make more. I have made 4 totes so far. I added this one to the theme section and the creative section too. The prizes will be to chose any of Liz's pdf patterns for the winners.
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  1. Your additions make this bag wonderful!

  2. WOW i feel like you represented me in a tote which is an ultimate compliment. The typewriter is fabulous and the way you represented keys is so cleaver. it is so well done and the inside with the teapots are perfect i am always in awe of how you get your lining to look so crisp mine always look baggy. The added feet are the perfect addition to a larger tote that will get set down. As much as i think of cone flowers, and zipper pulls, as a signature Daryl addition so are your pen pockets. great job as always.


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