Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Idexa Pouch

This is the Idexa Pouch by Country Cow Designs and it is a free pdf. Well since it was free and cute looking of course I had to give it a go and make one. It doesn't use a lot of fabric, so I grabbed a couple of fat quarters and a strip of green for the bottom and made this one. It uses 2 #5 zippers on the outside, one as a pocket zipper and one is the closure of the bag. Inside there aren't any pockets at all because the outside has a zippered pocket on one side and the other side has slip pockets.

This pouch is a small pouch and while the pockets outside are cute and somewhat useful, I don't think I would make any more, since it seemed like a lot of time to cut, fuse and sew something so small and that I couldn't justify selling for what I would have to charge. People don't want to pay a lot for small bags and yet some of the smaller ones that are a bit more unique looking do take more time to make and people who don't sew just see something small and expect to pay less. I could make some as gifts, but not to sell.

At any rate here is my Idexa Pouch~

This side has 3 divided slip pockets and rivets at the corners of the center pocket.

Say ahhhh. This one opens nice and wide too.

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  1. that is nice and for a small bag you want it to open up nice a wide. the extra zipper gives it an extra cuteness factor. great job.

  2. This is a cute pouch!
    It might be too much to try and sell, but like you said, it'll make cute gifts!


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