Wednesday, June 24, 2020

MIY Tote in Hot Air Balloon Ripstop Nylon Fabric

Another MIY Tote (Moments by Liz) that I used scraps leftover from hot air balloon making. I had to get creative and sew scraps together to make a front and back large enough to create a tote. The tote measures 17" wide x 15" high x 3 1/2" deep. I love the bright colors.

Here is one side all pieced together.

Liz calls these Danish corners, which show on the outside of the bag.

This is the other side of the tote.

I lined the bag and used the balloon material (ripstop nylon) for a bag facing.

Added a pen pocket on each side of the main pocket.

As I pieced the balloon material together, I topstitched in a variegated thread throughout.
Location shoot around my yard~

I really like how this bag looks and feels with it being lined. It is still so light, but sturdy and makes a great shopping bag or beach bag too. But I need to be careful because it would act as a parachute in a strong wind and get blown away, lol!

I am going to make some more and line them too. The unlined ones I made last year are nice, but the lining just makes it even better.
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  1. love the lined tote. i am nervous about using the balloon material because its so thin and looks like it would unravel easily lining the bag is the perfect solution. its a wonderful size and the material makes it look so cheerful on the inside as well as the outside. great job as always.

  2. I like this one the best out of the ones that you've made so far. The wipe-ability of the parachute material is a huge plus for this type of bag. I have some lime green and black rip stop nylon in my stash that I've been pondering making shopping bags out of; your idea to add a fabric lining is a good one.

  3. Now there is a colorful tote, I bet the lining really did make it more substantial.


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