Friday, June 26, 2020

Selvage Tote Bag (MIY Tote)

Here is another MIY Tote that I made using selvages and a faux cork fabric print. I love using selvages  and this tote was a perfect way to use some of them.
This tote measures 15" wide x 13" high x 3 1/4" deep.

The gold selvage in the middle called, Uncorked, is the same fabric I used for the bottom and handles, only in a black colorway.

Slip pockets on both sides of the bag.

Slip pockets with a few pen (or knitting needle) divisions.

The back side with more selvages!

Listed for sale in my PayHip Shop.
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  1. Your tote is amazing!! I have tons of selvages that I have saved over the years, maybe it's time to pull them all out.

    1. Thank you stitchingirl! I have made lots of other bags and things using selvages too. You can search for them using the search my blog function to the right. Just type in selvages.

  2. Selvedges make such wonderful bags and totes!

  3. Love it, Daryl. The dark faux cork fabric really contrasts well with the selvedges.

  4. i'm impressed that you had so many long selvages, let alone that you made them into a lovely tote. they pair so nicely with the faux cork fabric. i love how you added the gold cork fabric in the middle. great job and you inspired me to use up more from my selvage collection. thanks Tara

  5. I love these and have seen them made. I use my selvage to make doll rugs and regular rugs.


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