Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Large Retreat Bag with Handles & other Modifications

I love using up scraps of fabric strips to create a bag. This is a large Retreat Bag by Emmaline Bags that I modified and added handles to and I sewed a lower accent brown to the bag also to make the bag taller as well. I am always trying different things with my bag modifications. On this bag I made long strap tabs and riveted them to the bag. It gives a different look than the other Retreat Bags that I modified before.

 Besides the lower section and the handles, the other modifications I made were to sew fabric strips and quilt the exterior, a zipper pocket I added on the back of the bag, both a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket inside the bag, purse feet and a stabilizer to the bottom of the bag, and I did not add an internal frame to the bag. With all my modifications, this bag is nothing like the original bag.

The bag measures 18" wide x 11"high x 6" deep.

The colorful fabric strips are all batik fabrics, accented with a brown cotton fabric.

Back of the bag I added a zippered pocket.

I love how wide this bag opens up. I added a zippered pocket and a divided slip pocket inside.

On the divided pocket, I added a pen pocket and a Kam snap for the remainder of the pocket to keep it closed.

Purse feet to keep it off the ground.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your alterations! My sister & 2 cousins are planning on making this bag together (via Zoom) and I've sent them your post so they can see ...
    Happy Quilting!

    1. Gail since you are a no-reply, I don';t have your email to send you a reply via email, so hopefully you will see this here or maybe your sister or cousins will read my reply to you. Anyhow, I have made several Retreat Bags in both large and small and with or without frames and some with handles, etc. If you want to see more of them, you can type in Retreat Bag in the "search my blog" on the right hand side of the blog above the followers. Happy sewing.

    2. Oh and be sure to click on "Next Posts" at the end of the search for Retreat Bag as there are a few more to see after you scroll through several in the search.

  2. So fun to hear how you modify the bags. I love those rivets on the handle. I know nothing about applying rivets, do you do this through all the layers of the bag?

  3. love your fabric choices, they batiks and the solids compliment each other perfectly. i'm in love with the lining fabric choice its perfect. the size looks great you can really hold a lot in there and the handles are functional and pleasing with the added rivets. thanks for sharing and great job as always.

  4. Great looking bag - you do such nice work on these.


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