Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Twisty Zip Pouches & Hot Stuff Extra Large Silicone Trivet

I tested these 3 Twisty Zips pouches from Around the Bobbin and they are so cute and fun to make! The pattern includes 2 sizes. I made 3 total (1 small and 2 large). I started with the small size because it was so small and it uses the Itty Bitty Twister Ruler/Template. I wasn't quite sure how small these would turn out, so I photographed a quarter in a few of the photos showing the small size bag.
FYI: Discount code for pattern at end of this posting. Discount good only Thursday-Sunday (May 28-31st)

The Twister part of these Twisty Zips is great for using up scraps or coordinating fabrics of light and dark. You can use mini charm packs for the small Twisty Zip Pouch, using the Itty Bitty Twister ruler. You can use regular charm packs for the large Twisty Zip pouch that uses the Tiny ruler if you cut the charms smaller first.

Here is the small size Twisty Zip I made with batik scraps and a wrist strap. Uses the Itty Bitty Twister template/ruler.

The other side.

2 slip pockets inside the pouch.

See the size of the quarter in comparison to the Twister pinwheel? These are small! But oh so cute and not that hard to make, really.

Adorable little pouch to hold just a few smallish items or would be great to hold your phone, ID and keys.
 The next 2 Twisty Zip bags are made using the Tiny Twister template/ruler. I know that sounds odd making the large bag with the Tiny ruler, but as you saw above the small was made with the Itty Bitty ruler.

This one is a good sized zippered pouch like most sizes you see around. I added the wrist strap on this first one and forgot to sew on the tab with the ring on the second bag. I had it all sewn and the strap too and just forgot to sew it. That's okay because when I make some more Twisty Zips, I will have a strap ready to go. You can add the strap or not as you like. This way you can see one without the strap. But since the strap is removable with the hook on the strap, you can leave it on or take it off as you wish.

Made this one with more batik scraps and a cork-look cotton fabric.

The other side of the bag.

These Twisty Zips open nice and wide. More batik fabric inside. I added a zippered pocket on one side and the slip on the other side, instead of 2 slip pockets.

Large and small bags together for comparison.

Oops, I forgot to add the quarter in the last photo, so here it is for scale.

No wrist strap on this one. I used a charm pack I had in Christmas fabric and again a cork-look cotton fabric.

Back side.

Inside I added a zippered pocket and and slip pocket as I did with the other large bag. The fabric here photographed very light! That gray look is really a medium blue with gold stars.
Now before you leave, you can get a 30% discount on the Twisty Zips pattern from Around the Bobbin or Twister Sisters Just enter the code: New30 at either place.
Don't forget to buy your Itty Bitty and/or Tiny Ruler/template tool(s) too so you can make these cute pouches (although only the pattern is on sale at Around the Bobbin).

However, if you go to Twister Sisters, you can use the code May20 and receive 20% off everything (Twister, except the Twisty Zips pattern), which you can use the New30 for 30% off the Twisty Zips pattern only.  You will love making these pouches and you can also use the Twister Templates for making cute little Twister projects such as place mats, mug rugs, doll quilts and so much more!
Discount good only Thursday-Sunday (May 28-31st), so get the pattern now while it's on sale.

Happy Twister Sewing!

Oh and if the Twisty Zips don't float your boat, you can make this super easy Hot Stuff Trivet. Pattern comes with the silicone.It's extra large size is perfect for placing a casserole dish at the table. Silicone refills available separately.
On sale at Around the Bobbin also at 30% off with the code New30. Discount only good through May 31, 2020.

This is super easy to make and easy to sew through the silicone.

Back side is quilted.

Close up.

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  1. that is one of the cutest darn pouches i have ever seen. i love twisters and what a perfect way to use them. those do look really tiny lucky you are so precise. great choice of color and overall a wonderful project well done. all the sizes are adorable.

  2. These are so cute, Daryl, but OH MY, those tiny little blocks in the wee one! I really love the Christmas bag. I may just have to try my hand at this one as I have tons of Christmas scraps! Thanks for the coupon!

  3. Cute little pouches, Daryl! I love the color mix of the center larger pouch.

  4. Wow! So tiny - I'm impressed!


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