Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Thrummed Knit Mittens

I have never ever own a pair of gloves or mittens (handmade or store bought) that kept my hands warm. Even wearing a pair of those inexpensive stretchy gloves inside my hand knit mittens didn't keep my hands warm enough. Then I thought I should try to knit some thrummed mittens.

I had heard of thrumming years ago and finally decided to watch some YouTube videos to see how to do it. I also searched for patterns for thrummed mittens too. There is more than one way to knit the thrums and I chose the way that seemed the easiest for me and then followed a mitten pattern that had thrums (but I did the thrumming different from the pattern). I cannot even remember the pattern I used as I made these at the end of winter.

The thrums are wool roving that is pulled into small pieces and rolled with your fingers and as you knit, you add a thrum here and there according to the pattern. It creates tiny "V's" that look like a thick knit stitch. After a while you have so many thrums inside the mitten looks puffed up.

Then when you wear them they feel like soft fluffy slippers or pillows for your hands, and they are so warm. As you wear them, the heat from your hands will eventually cause the thrums to felt, making the inside warm and keeping the cold air from entering.

I will have to wait until next winter to really give them a good test, but I do think I have finally found mittens that will keep my hands warm and toasty at last.

Here is a peek at the thrums inside. I used hand dyed wool roving I had purchased at the Wool Festival in Taos years ago. The roving was dyed in sections of purple and turquoise.

The pink yarn is Brown Sheep Wool. Ahhh....toasty warm hands at last.

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  1. I have never heard of this technique. You'll have to let us know how they work out next winter.

  2. that is very interesting, is it hard to figure out what size to make? i would imagine it would be slow going to knit them. Are the V's from the same thrum or do you keep having to add a new thrum with each V? it sure looks very warm. you did a beautiful job. let us know how you like them when it finally gets cold here again.


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