Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Best Face Mask That Has Been Fit Tested

I watched a video from a woman (who is an MD) who had actually fit tested 4 face mask styles in a hospital. She did research on the styles, materials used and fit. There is a fit test that they do that is 7 minutes long and uses a clear hood placed over the person's head that is wearing the mask and they inject scents of different kinds into the hood to see how airtight the mask actually is. It is very interesting and worth watching this video to see.

She tested 4 mask designs and only one mask passed the test and that even needed a slight modification. She also discussed using the best possible material to make the mask out of and that is Halyard H600, which is used in the sterilization process when sterilizing medical equipment.

The mask that passed the test was Prototype #2 from the University of Florida. The prototype #1 mask is the pleated kind that so many are making (including me) and that one didn't pass the test!

Watch this video and under the links you will find the pattern (use #2) and a link where you can find Halyard H600 too. I highly recommend watching this. I know I will be making the mask that passed the test now.

Also make sure you read the Do's and Don'ts here about the Halyard H600 material and masks.

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