Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Zippered Bag in Wool Look Applique Print

I bought this beautiful fabric print several years ago after seeing Liz make her Lombard Street Bag with it when we both were testing that bag for ChrisW Designs. I fell in love with it. Liz lives in Germany and I knew I hadn't seen anything like that here. So I did a search online and found it and emailed back and forth to see if I could buy metre of of it. I got the fabric and because with the cost of postage from Germany, it was rather expensive fabric, so I was afraid to cut into it for years. I wanted to make sure I made a bag that I knew was a good design first as well, because I didn't want to waste any of it. I only used a small amount of that fabric to make this bag, so I have enough left to make some more bags too.

I used the floral section of the bag only. There are birds and some dots too that I didn't cut into, so when I use that part of the fabric, it will look totally different. I also needed to use this fabric so that I was featuring the fabric to it's best. I didn't want half a bird showing just to use it. So I decided to make the small size retreat bag (Emmaline Bags), but without a frame in the bag and I made the bag taller and added strap tabs and straps too. The dark base of the bag is real wool material. I love how this one looks and yes I am keeping this one for myself.

I decided to take my bag on a location shoot around my yard, lol!

I sewed some flower buttons on both zipper tab ends.

The back of the bag showing other faux wool flowers.

I made the inside fun by using 2 fabrics for the lining. A zippered pocket and a slip pocket too.

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  1. you found the perfect purse to show off your beautiful fabric. that fabric is so you it reminds me of your appliques. you did a great job and i look forward to seeing it in person one of these days. i like the way the purse holds its shape and it looks like a really nice size. the interior is also a sweet surprise with its happy colors. great job as always

  2. Lovely bag, lovely fabric(s), and I applaud your photo shooting talents! Question: the bag isn't too deep for easy access? (I remembering carrying a bag of similar depth that I ultimately decided was not for me.)

  3. I had to enlarge the photo to see what you meant by looking like wool-it really does, so cool!! I love those little strips of color on the edge too. I am glad you are keeping this special bag for yourself.


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