Sunday, May 17, 2020

ETA Pouches

I joined a Facebook Group called, Bags by Bags of Style, and Christine the designer had a free pdf in the files called ETA Pouch. So I downloaded the pdf and in the pdf is a link for a video showing Christine making the bag step-by-step.

The pattern piece itself looked different and odd, so I thought I better watch the video first and see how she makes this bag. I did watch the video and I made my first ETA Pouch in a Chile Pepper print. It really turned out well and was so different from other pouches I had sewn. Christine surely must have the kind of brain that likes puzzles.

The second ETA Pouch I made using 2 print fabrics. That's the fun part about making this bag is that you can make it all in one fabric or mix and match fabrics. Especially great when you have a large scrap of fabric, but not enough for a front and a back.

You can see a seam down the center front, but the way this bag is constructed is different that you would think. There are no side seams on the ETA.

Don't you love a pop of bright color inside? This lime green looks great. There is a zippered pocket inside.

The top zipper tabs are longer (and they are not separate tabs either) as you will soon find out if you want to attempt to make one of these bags.

I used 2 fabrics to make the exterior of this ETA Pouch.

Another thing is the lining fits nice and snug too. Better than other bags I have made.

So after making the two ETA Pouches, I wanted to try and make one with 2 fabrics, but make it more the traditional zipper pouch way that I am used to and see which I prefer, not just in making but how they look. Using about the same measurements, I was surprised that this one came out taller than the ETA.

On this pouch I added both a zippered pocket and a slip pocket with a pen division.

I like the easy way of making a regular zippered pouch, mainly because I am used to making them, but on mine above the zipper tabs are not as clean and sleek looking as the ETA. Because the ETA has longer tabs the bag doesn't open up quite as wide as the regular pouch, but it's a large enough pouch that I don't know if it matters all that much?

The looks are similar from the exterior and the interior and both are a medium-ish size pouch. I sure love the results from the ETA and by making more I will get more used to her way of making this bag. It's also fun to use more than one fabric outside.
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  1. This is a cute little pouch, Daryl. Fun fabric choices. I like the half and half coordinating fabrics.

  2. You must have a million bags. I enjoy seeing every last one too! It is fun that you found a Facebook group too! The brown polks dot and wavy stripes is my favorite one.


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