Friday, March 25, 2016

The North Pond Notebook Cover

I recently tested a notebook cover for Sara of Radiant Home Studio. This is a really cute and useful cover with pockets and a closure to keep everything secure. There are 2 sizes to choose from too. The larger size fits a Composition Note Book and the smaller size fits a Moleskine planner. I had to look up Moleskine to see what it was exactly, since I wasn't sure, lol!

You can add 2 pockets sizes to the inside of these covers or choose just one or not add a pocket at all if you don't want one. These were easy to make, but of course as a tester I found some things needed to be a larger size, or a smaller size or just needed to be clarified more, etc. That's why as a designer it is so good to have others test your patterns. By the time a customer buys a pattern that has been tested, the instructions will be perfectly clear. To see all the covers from the testers you can go here. Here are Sara's links to her shop and Etsy if you would like to purchase this or any of her patterns.

Here are the large and small covers that I made:
This is the large cover to fit the Composition Notebook, shown here.

I made these brown smaller pockets a bit differently than the pattern instructions say to make them. It was a bit thick though on the sides and bottom for turning. I usually make my pockets like this if I were sewing binding around the outside. So on the smaller cover I made the patch pockets as per the instructions.

This is the smaller notebook cover.

I made my own notebook to fit this cover using card stock and paper. I sewed the patch pockets here as per the patterns instructions. The patch pocket was easier to sew this way. Although mine is a bit crooked, lol!!! Oops.

I used a key ring for the ring here. You can use whatever ring you have on hand. 

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  1. You do make the most interesting and practical projects. I am grateful for pattern testers who work out the "bugs". Lovely covers. Happy Easter Blessings Dear...

  2. These covers are very useful and cheerful. of course I would have preferred a tea motif to a coffee one. I have a couple of covers, not as elaborate, and they make me happy just using them. They are also easy to find if a pile of papers because of the fabric. As a disorganized person that is very important to me.
    thanks for sharing.


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