Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Girl Next Door Handbag

I tested this darling handbag from Imazz Patterns that is called The Girl Next Door. I love the shape of this bag and Imazz always seems to add a little surprise element to her bags which with this bag is a hidden zippered pocket in the front of the bag. I made this bag with polka dots in black and white. I love it! You can purchase the pattern at Imazz's Craftsy Store or Etsy Store for the intro price of only $4.99! The regular price of this pattern is $7.50. The intro price is good through March 15, so get it now while this price is lower. It's a fairly easy bag to sew and yields fabulous results.

If you would like to purchase this Handbag from me the price is $35.00 plus postage. SOLD! Email me.
Here she is without anything inside of her. She's hungry!

After swallowing up my necessary things, she looks a little more rounded in her tummy, lol!!!

She has a nice curved belly with my things inside.

Looking inside the bag, you can see some of my stuff. While I do have another eyeglasses case and wallet and a few other items in there, they are underneath what you can see here. Believe me there is a lot of things in this bag and yet she doesn't look too full. 

Little closer look and you can see I added a twist lock closure instead of the magnetic snap. That is the only change I made to her. Imazz shows adding a decorative button to the outside of the bags that she made, which adds a nice touch.

Wondering where that secret zippered pocket is? Right here under the middle accent strip. It's a large pocket too. I placed my small notebook (I made a fabric cover for my notebook that also holds my pens) inside of this front pocket. She is all ready to go to town!

Here is Imazz's Girl Next Door:

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  1. Ooo, that hidden pocket is fun!! I didn't expect it to be in that spot :)

  2. thank you for your willingness to test for this pattern. Your comments and suggestions made the pattern much better and improved a lot. Your bag is cute cute cute! I always love B&W polka dots. Hope you will enjoy using this bag and perhaps will make a lot of it. It's a quick and easy pattern.

  3. Nice shape for sure. The twist lock looks very good on it. How clever to put a secret zipper pocket. Interesting! Love the dotted fabrics.

  4. So cute in the black and white polka dots. I am currently making this bag and will be sharing soon.

  5. I love the secret pocket, how adorable is that and its in a fun location. Great color choices, very fun. As usual you did a fabulous job, very professionally done. How often do you rotate which purse your using you have so many marvelous choices.

  6. Very cute bag and I love the polka dot fabric.

  7. Great fun bag and I adore your fabric choices. That hidden zipper pocket is fabulous. Perfect Purse Bliss...

  8. Pairing small and big polka dots made a very pretty bag. And it's very well made. :-)

  9. This is adorable, you can't go wrong with dots. I used to make purses all the time, thanks for inspiring me to dig through the bag patterns. Maybe I can whip one up soon.

  10. Very cute. Love your fabric choices. Black and white goes with just about everything. Thanks for sharing.


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